Saturday In The Park

Soul & Jazz and Beyond ( 22)

Not everything is new in may, but some small things will change. Let me first take the chance to thank all readers and listeners from my music compilations. Thank you too for all your likes, re-blogs and comments. I really appreciate it and am glad that you like my selections. Because of all the positive responses, I will publish a new compilation up from now every week, on Saturday. I reduced the total time of at about 60 minutes which is, I think, more comfortable to find the time to listen. Okay, today´s compilation is a little bit longer but the format of 60 minutes per week will give me still the opportunity in the future for special compilations about one topic.

For all new readers and listeners, just a short introduction. „Soul & Jazz and Beyond“ is a music compilation with a mix of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Beats, Hip Hop, Classic and Rare tracks and contemporary fusion mixes and new sounds. Today´s mix has many powerful brass elements and we starting with Chicago, formerly known as Chicago Transit Authority, with „Saturday In The Park“ which is still a good motto. Then I selected two songs remixed by one of my favorite DJ, the Renegades of Jazz. Thank you David (RoJ) for the kind message. Then we have in the program Afro Beats, remember to Tullio de Piscopo, the Italian Disco Time in the 80´s. Beside classic tracks from Ahmad Jamal, Gene Harris, Mel Torme and other we enjoy too New Jazz Sounds from Iceland: Samúel Jón Samúelsson and his Big Band. I selected one track for the compilation and as bonus 90 Minutes of fresh Afro beats, Funk, Ethno-Jazz and Brazil Music.

Listen, relax and enjoy!

This way please → Soul & Jazz and Beyond (Mix Nr. 22) (YouTube-Link)

1. Chicago – Saturday In The Park
2. Basement Freaks – Mission Jazz (Renegades of Jazz Remix)
3. Tenorio Jr. – Nebulosa
4. Average White Band – Get It Up For Love
5. Esbjoern Svensson Trio – Elevation of Love
6. Mel Torme – Comin Home Baby
7. Alou Sangaré – Téguéré
8. Ikebe Shakedown – The Beast
9. Bahama Soul Club – King’s Wig (Renegades of Jazz Remix)
10. Ahmad Jamal – Handicapper
11. Donna McGhee – Make It Last Forever
12. Gene Harris – Your Love Is Too Much
13. Tullio de Piscopo – Stop Bajon (Primavera)
14. Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band – International Monetary Funk

Alternative Link:→ Soul & Jazz and Beyond (22) (YouTube-Link)

(All previous compilations you can find here under the category „Playlist“ as well on „YouTube„.


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    1. Es geht musikalisch gut hupferlnd weiter :) Ich hoffe, es ist wieder etwas für Dich dabei, was Dir Freude bereitet.
      Liebe Grüße

      1. Danke Dir :) Morgen wird es sicher beschwingt, da Besuch von auswärts kommen wird.
        Liebe Grüße

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