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Walk Tall

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Walk Tall…This week I remember to three essential songs for the American Civil Rights Movement. And you can listen first to a new song from Leonard Cohen. Before its release on 22th September, you can hear one of those tracks now.

A couple of years ago I read a great article about the intersection between the Black Civil Rights in the 60´s and Power Movements and the music of those eras. Unfortunately the original article is not available anymore. In this article the author recommend some essential songs from this era. Last week I had „Young, Gifted And Black“ in the mix. So I would like to take the chance to share with you three more essential tracks from this era. Nina Simone performs „I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To Be Free“, Julian Edwin „Cannonball“ Adderley plays „Walk Tall“. There is still another version available include the introductory words by The Reverend Jesse Jackson (YouTube-Link).The third song comes from the legendary Sam Cooke: „A Change Is Gonna Come“ which became an anthem for the American Civil Rights Movement.

„It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will“

Then we have British funk in the mix, Northern Soul, the German electronic band Kraftwerk and Blondie. New music from his 4th album by José James where he is walking on new paths in music and include rock elements in his songs. I really like artists who trying out new sounds and elements. The french musician and producer Nikitch is still in the mix. Then I selected Charles Aznavour with two songs for this mix. For Jazz Friends, Keith Jarret & Charlie Haden and Charles Mingus are in the mix. Finally taken from the vault, there are rare tracks from Baby Huey and Latin Jazz from Brazil from the artist Dum um Romao, Al Downing and one of my all time favorite song from Smokey Robinson is in the mix.

Listen, relax and enjoy!

This way please, click → Walk Tall…in the mix (36)

1. Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Be Feel To Be Free
2. Cannonball Adderly – Walk Tall
3. Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
4. Madeline Bell – Comin‘ Atcha (British Funk from the 70s)
5. Gloria Jones – Tainted Love (Northern Soul)
6. Kraftwerk – The Hall Of Mirrors
7. José James – Anywhere U Go
8. Nikitch – Hate Or Wait
9. Charles Aznavour -Parce Que Tu Crois („Because You Believe“)
10. Aretha Franklin – Won’t be long
11. Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – No Moon At All
12. Baby Huey – Hard Times
13. Al Downing – I’ll Be Holding On (Tom Moulton Mix)
14. Smokey Robinson – Baby’s That Backatcha
15. Dom um Romao – PonteioA
16. Charles Mingus – Better Get Hit In Your Soul
17. Blondie- Rapture
18. Charles Aznavour – C’est fini

Alternative Link, click:→ Walk Tall…in the mix (36)

First listen: Leonard Cohen – Almost Like The Blues (YouTube-Link)
Cohen announces details of his thirteenth album „Popular Problems“, a collection of nine new songs. Before its release on 22 September, you can hear one of those tracks now: Almost Like The Blues. The English Guardian selected a nice Playlist including the new Cohen song.

The last song today comes from the Canadian singer K.D. Lang – Hallejulah (YouTube-Link). It is one of my favorite cover version´s of Leonard Cohen´s Song.

Just a short announcement for the common mix in next week on Friday night. There will be a special with Jazz motives from crime movies and series on TV vs. well known Jazz Artist covering popular Pop Songs. And I am celebrating the 60th birthday of Pat Metheny with a special mix- 12 of the best. Stay tuned.


4 Kommentare zu “Walk Tall

  1. I love Leonard Cohen’s work…Susanne particularly. This is a fine track list. thank you.

    • Thank you. Cohen will celebrate with his new album still his 80th birthday in September. He has been made a fantastic and long and succesful career.

  2. Lieber Stefan
    hier dran habe ich jetzt mal wieder aber gar nix ‚auszusetzen‘. Eine wirklich schöne Liste, auch wenn ich die Nina Simone zumindest auf Youtube nicht hören kann. Besonders gut gefällt mir diesmal auch Dein Intro-Text mit Bezug zur amerikanischen Bürgerrechtsbewegung in den 60ern und der Bezug zur Musik. Könnte nicht aktueller sein, wenn man an Ferguson denkt. Und dann doch bitte endlich ´Jesse Jackson for President. 84 und 88 hat er sich ja schon mal als demokratischer Präsidentschaftskandidat beworben, aber die doofen Demokraten, na ja…
    Liebe Grüsse

    • Lieber Kai,
      Dankeschön für das Lob. Wenn Du Probleme beim Schauen auf YouTube hast, versuche es mit einem Plug-in, z.B. mit Zenmate für Opera und Chrome klappt es einwandfrei.
      Das Thema Ferguson interessierte mich, da es ebenso die Fragilität der nach wie vor bestehenden Rassenunterschiede in den USA gibt. Man denke nur beispielsweise an „Katrina“ zurück. Die Songs aus den 60er haben nicht nur einen aktuellen Bezug. Auch haben sie Kraft und eine Aussage. In den 80er Jahren waren die USA noch nicht soweit für einen Wechsel. Erst später wurde Collin Powell erster farbiger 4-Sterne General. Es hat noch 20 Jahre gedauert und doch brennt es nach wie vor unter der Oberfläche. Vielleicht erleben wir in 2 Jahren die erste Frau als Präsidentin.
      Liebe Grüsse