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Thriller Jazz vs. Jazz Pop


This weekly edition is special. In the mix I selected music from crime movies and TV series vs. popular Jazz artist playing Popular Songs. And we have a special mix from Pat Metheny, who celebrated his 60th birthday. Let´s get ready for a journey with great and exciting music with Sammy Davis Jr., Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, Wes Montgomery, Oscar Peterson and many others more.

Listen, relax and enjoy!

This way please, click → Thriller Jazz vs. Jazz Pop (37) (YouTube-Link)

1. Rhythm Heritage – Thema from S.W.A.T.
2. Wes Montgomery – California Dreaming
3. The James Taylor Quartet – The Theme From Starsky & Hutch (Huggy’s Mix)
4. Erwin Halletz & His Orchestra — Dragnet
5. Woody Herman Orchestra – Light My Fire
6. Oscar Peterson – Ode to Billy Joe
7. Rita Reys – Can’t Buy Me Love
8. Lalo Schifrin – Dirty Harry Main Theme
9. Gary McFarland – A Hard Day Nights
10. Jim Hall – Up, Up and Away
11. Stan Getz – Blowin’ In The Wind
12. Sarah Vaughan – Peter Gunn
13. Roland Shaw & His Orchestra- Casino Royale (James Bond)
14. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd – One Note Samba
15. Sammy Davis Jr. – John Shaft
16. Chet Baker – Spinning Wheel
17. Quincy Jones – Theme From Ironside
18. Bunny Berigan – Caravan
19. Sammy Davis Jr. – Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow
20. Herbert Jarczyk – Theme From Der Kommissar (German TV Series, The Commissioner)

Alternative Link, click:→ Thriller Jazz vs. Jazz Pop (37) (YouTube-Link)

In August the legendary jazz guitar player and composer Pat Metheny celebratd his 60th birthday. His style incorporates elements of progressive and contemporary jazz, post-bop, latin jazz and jazz fusion. And he has 20 Grammy Awards. Here is a playlist of 12 of his best songs.

Pat Metheny – 12 of the best (YouTube-Link)

Finally I would like to share with you a mix by Lil Silva. If you listen to a song and you think, it is a nice song. But if you listen to a remix from the original song and you only can say, wow, what a big mix. This is Little Dragon in Lil Silva Remix, via Soundcloud.
Little Dragon – Pretty Girls (Lil Silva Remix) (Soundcloud Link)

In next week I am having the new single from Gregory Porter in the mix and you can listen to the next common superstar FKA Twigs, from England. Stay tuned.


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11 thoughts on “Thriller Jazz vs. Jazz Pop

  1. fabulous track list…I adore Oscar Peterson, so glad to see him there.

    • I adore Oscar Peterson too. He was one of the greatest jazz pianists. Duke Ellington called him “Maharaja” which means in sanskrit King. I am glad that like the tracklist.

  2. Die überwiegende Zahl der Videos war für mich “nicht verfügbar”, aber egal, ich bin total froh über Theme from SWAT, hätte ich selber nie gefunden, Klasse! Werde es mit Theme from Shaft vergesellschaften. 😉 Auch Ironside wurde mir wieder in Erinnerung gebracht, war schön, das anzuhören.

    • Dankeschön. Das mit dem “nicht verfügbar” muss nicht sein. Einfach ein plug-in wie installieren und schon kann man die Videos anschauen.
      Schön, dass ich mit SWAT und Shaft Deinen Geschmack getroffen habe. Mir hat es Spaß gemacht die TV- und Filmmusik zusammen zu stellen.
      Herzliche Grüße