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Harbor November III (K)
Welcome November. This is my yesterday´s view captured at the harbor area. I used a deep perspective and enjoyed the great color toning. What a begin for a November with Temperatures around 18 degreess and sunny and really comfortable weather. What an amazing view.

mixed signal

almost sent you inspiration
in the form of
my expansive horizon
skin and ridges and silk
as far as your hands could reach
I was renewed
to see my valley
with borrowed eyes
too bad
you were not aware
and our signals did not cross
it felt delicious


Author: Stefan

Welcome to my personal microcosmos "Freiaum/Free Zone" in the most beautiful city of the world, in Hamburg. Just someone with a camera and a mission to record the extra and the ordinary. My hearts beats among other things for Photography, Culture and Art, Visual Art, Social Media, Communication, Storytelling, Music, Literature, Blog and Text.

11 thoughts on “November

  1. Danke für diesen Novemberaugenschmaus. Ich knipsknapste heute den Sonnenaufgang, vergaß über die Schönheit alsbald die Kamera und nahm ein inniges Lichtspielbad. Was für ein Start in den Tag! Ich wünsche Ihnen einen famosen Sonntag und grüße aus Lipperlandien, Ihre Frau Knobloch.

    • Herzlichen Dank für den Wortschmaus. Im Moment werden lichtspieltechnisch harmonisch verwöhnt. Den famosen wie entspannten Sonntagabend wünsche ich Ihnen.

  2. Lovely photo! The golden colours of the sun are great! Yesterday was a great sunny day in The Netherlands too!

    Kind regards,

    • Thank you, Tieme, for the compliment and for taking the time to comment. Mother nature created the scene. I was only the observer and really enjoyed the wonderful day.

      Kind regards

  3. Amazing light in this – a superb photo

  4. echt beeindruckend…..

  5. Beautiful warm tones and light. Well done, Stefan.

    • Thank you, Jane, for the beautiful compliment. The weather here is unusual with really warm temperatures. I really enjoyed the day around the harbor area and was happy to capture some beautiful moments.

  6. Da wird mir warm ums Herz.