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Look Around

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A magic sunset
Some moments are nice, some are nicer and some are even worth to capture it. Stop and look around. Life is really amazing and a wonderful place. And every sunset is followed by a new Day…

Es gibt Momente die schön sind, andere Momente die noch schöner sind und es gibt Momente, die es wert sind sie fest zu halten. Das Leben ist oft verblüffend und die Erde ein wundervoller Ort. Und auf jeden Sonnenuntergang folgt ein neuer Tag…


10 Kommentare zu “Look Around

  1. good morning! Along the day I will be visiting your blog – this way I will be able to know more about one of my favourites:
    I don’t mean to be noisy …

    • Good evening! Thank you taking the time visiting my blog and mentioning. You´re welcome :) And a big thank you for all the likes.

  2. Fabulous photo, Stefan, and your words I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for this post. Love, Amy

  3. Always such a pleasure to enjoy your wonderful places and moments Stefan!