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Enchanting II
“For life is the best thing we have in this existence. And if we should desire to believe in something, it should be a beacon within. This beacon being the sun, sea, and sky, our children, our work, our companions and, most simply put, the embodiment of love”. (Patti Smith, who celebrated her birthday on Dec.,30,2015)

The enchanted beauty in nature on a cold Winter Day, taken on a walk. Cool Wind and movements, Blue(s) Colour, sharp/unsharp and interesting forms. Bare branches and a magnolia twig.
Magnolia Twig
Die bezaubernde Schönheit in der Natur an einem kalten Wintertag. Eingefangen bei einem Spaziergang. Wind, Blaue Farben und interessante Formen, scharf und unscharf: kahle Äste und ein Magnolienzweig.


Author: Stefan

Welcome to my personal microcosmos "Freiaum/Free Zone" in the most beautiful city of the world, in Hamburg. Just someone with a camera and a mission to record the extra and the ordinary. My hearts beats among other things for Photography, Culture and Art, Visual Art, Social Media, Communication, Storytelling, Music, Literature, Blog and Text.

7 thoughts on “Enchanting

  1. Das sind wirklich zwei tolle Bilder, wobei ich besonders das untere sehr mag. Man kann darin so schön herumwandern – und ich entdecke sogar kleine Männchen … owei, wenn ich jetzt noch ‘grüne’ dazugeschrieben hätte, dann wüssten es alle, was mein Problem ist….
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Neues Jahr

    • Dankeschön Kai, Dabei war ich erst unsicher überhaupt die Fotos zu zeigen. Herumwandern ist sehr gut ausgedrückt, was auch der Stimmung auf den Fotos entspricht und wie sie entstanden sind. In dieser recht farblosen grauen Zeit darf man auch grüne Männchen sehen…nur nicht zu oft 😉
      Liebe Grüße und Dir ebenso ein schönes Neues Jahr,

  2. I like the quotation and your photos, Stefan. The colours are wonderful and the blue one in particular. I love the blurred expression 🙂

    • Thank you very much Hanna. I already had the quote from Patti Smith a couple of days and looked for a good moment in combination with a photo.
      I love the blurred expression too 🙂
      Have a splendid weekend

  3. I love the very raw music of Patti Smith. Your photo is fabulous, you have caught the amazing colors and textures of nature. Very beautiful Stefan! LG, Holly.

    • I love the music of Patti Smith too. She is real, as Mick Jagger once said. And she has an enormous performance on stage. She deserve much respect for her life´s work. Thank you for your kind words. I tried to combine my photos and the quote of Patti Smith.
      Have a great weekend dear Holly.