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Friday Night Music


A new year and starting a new column tonight with warm and elegant Soul. Lianne La Havas comes from South London, like Adele for example. In 2015 she published her actual album “Blood”. She has a remarkable and warm soul voice and her singing style I would describe as to deconstruct modern soul music. Here you can see and listen to her at a KCRW Radio Session. And by the way and her programme Eclectic24 is still a great radio station with an unique style in music.

Friday Night Music is a new column where I will share music I like. No long explanations and following the motto: let the music do the talking. Stay tuned. Here comes Miss Lianne La Havas accompanies on the piano with her 2015 hit “Green And Gold”.

A last tip. Henry Rollins (Black Flag and Henry Rollins Band) has still on KCRW his own Radio Show which is available as podcast. And Heny Rollins sits in for Iggy Pop on BBC 6 Music for next common 3 weeks. The programme will available for 4 weeks without geo-blocking.


Author: Stefan

Welcome to my personal microcosmos "Freiaum/Free Zone" in the most beautiful city of the world, in Hamburg. Just someone with a camera and a mission to record the extra and the ordinary. My hearts beats among other things for Photography, Culture and Art, Visual Art, Social Media, Communication, Storytelling, Music, Literature, Blog and Text.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Music

  1. Schön…deine Freitag-Nacht-Musik… ! Lieben Gruß – Karin

    • Das freut mich Karin. Dankeschön. Hier darf mal laut oder leise zugehen, offen für andere Stile, neue Künstler(innen) und dennoch etwas für Genießer, wie ich hoffe. So wird es jede Freitag Nacht etwas neues geben, was leicht zu konsumieren ist.
      Lieben Gruß von grauen Elbe,

  2. Lianne de Havas mag ich sehr.

  3. thank you for the night music, Lianne brings to mind the music of Nina Simone… a little attitude :-).

    • And I thank you for the lovely compliment. Nina Simone…this is interesting. I hope to see in the next couple of days the documentary about Nina Simone via Netflix.
      The new musical corner will bring loud and quite songs I really like beyond different musical styles.

      • I recently watch a docu about Nina. She was quite a strong personality. I adore most of her music and the documentary, I’m sure you will too! Goodnight dear Stefan.

      • One may say that Nina had a century voice. A Woman with a dark bartitone voice. Simply unique. Today I watched the docu from Liz Gerbus “What Happened Miss Simone”. The docu is really good and with many songs from Nina which remind me still as I saw her Live as an older woman. One of these great moments.
        Have a loveley evening Holly.

      • I also watch that very same documentary on Nina Simone…she was a “spunky” lady. Thank you Stefan.

      • indeed! 🙂