Stardust Memories

It has been a sad week. Nevertheless I tried to select some Linktips and reading recommendations among other things with Lemmy Kilmister/Motörhead (not) drinking milk, David Bowie Articles and Photos, the New York Public Library and many more.

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is posthumously starring in an ad promoting milk filmed less than a month before he died. Kilmister filmed campaign for Finnish dairy giant Valio less than a month before he died and ad agency turned it into a tribute. (via Guardian/SpOn)

These are by the way good news. New York Public Library does the public domain right (bOingbOing-Link)
„The New York Public Library is aggressively digitizing the public domain works in its collections, adding high-quality machine-readable metadata to each of the hundreds of thousands of assets, providing an API, offering residencies to remixers who do interesting things with the collection, and offering all those assets in high-rez with „No permission required. No restrictions on use.“


Did you know that more than 180,000 of the items in the Digital Collections are in the public domain? Follow the link and explore: Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

Turn and Face the Strange
The amazing Photographer Patti Kuche at Nylon Daze photographed some „scenes from outside David Bowie’s apartment in New York where many gathered to pay tribute to the groundbreaking legend who inspired and motivated so many. Not to become rock stars but simply to be themselves and yesterday those were the words on the street where he lived“.

Dave Pell from collected some good links to David Bowie. If you really want to subscribe just one newsletter then you need to subscribe at NextDraft.

In the NYT obituary, Jon Pareles writes: „Mr. Bowie wrote songs, above all, about being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, a sexual adventurer, a faraway astronaut.“ Maybe that’s why there is such an outpouring of emotion at the news of David Bowie’s death at the age of 69. Everyone feels like an outsider and Bowie made being an outsider feel more like being ahead of the curve. Today, there are people who are famous for nothing. David Bowie was famous for everything.

From Buzzfeed, here are 17 performances by Bowie, and a life in pictures.

Bowie was also early to the Internet. Quartz calls him a tech visionary, and there’s this from a 1999 Rolling Stone article: „David Bowie has pulled another cyber-coup by becoming the first major-label artist to sell a complete album online in download form.“

BBC: 69 facts about David Bowie.

Forgotten Housing Estates In Paris Captured By Laurent Kronental (Ignant-Link)
„For the ongoing series ‘Souvenir d’un futur‘, French photographer Laurent Kronental documents life at the ‘Grands Ensembles’, the large housing projects in Paris, since four years.“

Now I am feeling old. 30 Alternative albums that Turn 30 Years Old in 2016

The winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

9 Kommentare zu „Stardust Memories

  1. Lieber Stefan – ‚Candy Apple Grey‘ und ‚The Queen Is Dead‘ werden 30, unglaublich. Ich glaub, ich fühl mich nicht nur alt, ich bin alt…. Shit ;-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. So much to say Stefan. David Bowie was such a big fan of the internet from the get go and that’s where he wanted to spend his money. Thank you so much for the pingback. It was fascinating being there outside his apartment and listening to the gratitude so many felt honour bound to pay for his inspiration, touching to hear the pain and anguish he brought them through. What a life, and what a noble death.

    Same for Lemmy! Have you seen this, one of many from Never Mind the Buzzcocks?

    Look forward to exploring your links. Great post, thank you Stefan!

    1. Thank you very much Patti. A noble death. You´re totally right. Now we all know what he meant with lyrics like „I am in heaven, I am free“, his own death. That´s why his latest song Lazarus is really touching.
      I saw Motörhead live, one time and long time ago where a friend took me along to the soundcheck and behind the stage where I saw and shortly met Lemmy and his band. He was real, straight but with heart. I didn´t kow Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Thank you for the link.
      Take your time to explore the links and enjoy.

  3. Guten tag, Stefan. Thank you for the amazing photos by Patti Kuche of the gathering and tribute to David Bowie in New York. It was very moving and brought such a feeling of loss. As it has been noted, it is unlikely we will find the likes of his musical/artistic creativity again. An excerpt of his song „Lazurus“ was shown on our national stations here yesterday, the first time I have heard and seen the video, so haunting and beautifully sad. I also feel a tremendous loss for the death of Lemmy (I only in the last five years became a fan of Motorhead as I had not really been exposed to their music previously). Thank you for the link to their video. A wonderful post, Danke Stefan.

    1. Guten Tag Holly. Patti is an amazing photographer and she has the eye for the right moment. 2016 has been really sad. Lemmy passed, then Natalie Cole, an amazing singer and now David Bowie. May his album „The next time“ was a prologue/preface for his death. Patti made the point: a nobel death.Lazarus is the testament and legacy where he sings about his common death. A true great with such an immense output in creativity, especially in the 70´s which was his decade. What a loss and what a legacy.
      Dankeschoen Holly.

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