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While browsing through the internet I regularly come across very interesting and inspiring articles, videos and images. Here is a new selection in English/German of handpicked articles and stories.

Da wo Worte fehlen, gibt es die Karikatur. Solidarität in Bildern die jeder versteht. Hier von Plantu/ Le Monde. Weitere Karikaturen zu den Ereignissen in Brüssel hat die Süddeutsche Zeitung zusammen gestellt.

It’s a land of endless waiting and palpable erosion. Yet after all these decades, an uncanny openness among the Cuban people remains.
This is just a wonderful Photo Essay from the New York Times about Cuba. Short texts and many great photographies still optimzed for mobile engines.

12 eerie images of huge Chinese cities completely empty of people
Photographer Kai Caemmerer travelled to China to explore and document these mysterious urban landscapes.
Throughout China, there are hundreds of cities that have almost everything one needs for a modern, urban lifestyle: high-rise apartment complexes, developed waterfronts, skyscrapers, and even public art. Everything, that is, except one major factor: people.

“How to Move to Germany if Donald Trump is Elected”, erklärt ein in Berlin lebender Amerikaner seinen Landsleuten
Sure, you could move to Canada, your ‘socialist’ neighbor to the north, if Donald Trump becomes president. But why not consider Germany, your ‘socialist’ (in the American sense) neighbor across the Atlantic?

Why the German language has so many great words
In an essay describing the loathing that Ted Cruz’s face seems to inspire, the neurologist Richard Cytowic resorts to the German colloquial expression Backpfeifengesicht.
And you find other german words like Ohrwurm, Wunderkind, Gedankenexperiment, Verschlimmbesserung, Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän…

New York Public Library Releases Over 600,000 Images Into Their Online Catalog

“Souvenir d’un futur” Leben in Frankreichs vergessenen Megalopolen
In den Vororten von Paris stehen riesigen Wohnblöcke, die scheinbar jedes normale Leben erdrückt haben.

Julia Baier über Street Photography »Die schönsten Geschichten schreibt das Leben selbst«
“Nicht zuletzt liegt meiner Vorliebe an der Street Photography auch ein gewisses soziologisches Interesse zugrunde, sich die Gesellschaft, in der ich lebe, genau anzuschauen und zu analysieren.” (via Jürgen Lübeck/Arabesken)

Künstler im Macho-Check – Dicke Hosen
Hier habe ich herzlich gelacht. Der Macho-Check: “Nur leider haben es nicht alle Künstler mit der Ironie, dafür hängen sie offenbar zu sehr an ihrem Macho-Image. Siehe Georg Baselitz, der eine, wie er selbst meint, gute Erklärung dafür parat hat, warum der Kunstmarkt eine Männerdomäne ist. Frauen können nicht so gut malen.”


Author: Stefan

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4 thoughts on “On The Edge

  1. Danke für die äußerst interessante Zusammenstellung, Stefan! Besonders gern (und mit großer Zustimmung) bin ich Julia Baiers Ausführungen zur Straßenfotografie gefolgt.

    • Das freut mich Maren, das etwas von Interesse mit dabei war. Dankeschön. Ich fand die Aussagen von Julia Baier auch bereichernd. Auf der Seite von Freelens sind bereits mehrere Beiträge zur Straßenfotografie entstanden. Und ich denke, der Dialog wird weiter fortgeführt werden.

  2. Thank you for the interesting links Stefan. I enjoyed them very much. I found the article regarding Cuba most interesting, judging by our latin population in Miami I am amazed anyone is left on the island. Last count, 76% of residence are latino, the majority of that Cuban. The younger generation would like to see the embargo lifted while the die hards (those Cubans arriving in the sixites) are very strongly intent on continuing the hard line as long as the Castro’s are in power. I personally feel we should lift the embargo as it has not solved any issues in over 40 years and has contributed to a tremendous hardship over there. I also enjoyed the pointers on how to relocate should Trump prevail :). Have a wonderful Day!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment Holly. I am glad that you found some interesting articles. The essay about Cuba is great. I am curious how will the common president handle this matter. I think there are chances and risks and distrusts on both sides. But Obama made a great job. He is really a good speaker and matched the point. Maybe we should all hear for the younger generation. They have the chance to create a future in Peace and Trust.
      Have a wonderful day too!