June Review

Facets of a month. This is the fourth review with a look back on images I shared in June in the last couple of years. So here to share a gallery with images all published in June. It is still a service for all new reader who has been coming along. With one click on each photo the WordPress viewer makes the photos it large.

Facetten eines Monats. Dies ist der dritte Monatsrückblick. Mit einem Foto-Blick zurück in den Monat Juni, mit Fotos aus den letzten Jahren. Dazu gibt es eine Galerie mit Fotos die alle hier im Juni erschienen sind. Sozusagen ein Service für alle Leser(innen) die im Laufe der Zeit neu hinzugekommen sind. Mit einem Klick auf ein Foto öffnet sich der WordPress Viewer und macht das Foto groß.

12 Kommentare zu „June Review

    1. Thank you Holly. For me it is still a pleasure to explore again „old“ photos and to create a gallery. I hope that the summer will return soon and will show us again his sunny and warm face. Have a good weekend!

      1. I hope so too Stefan. It is quite warm here, very humid with afternoon rain storms. It is always a pleasure to find your photo „collage“ and once again enjoy the beauty. Have a lovely night and weekend!

      2. Tonight there was a heavy storm with hail and the temperature is really unpleasant for July.
        Photography is a wonderful medium for showing my thoughts without restrictions. Photography is my passionate way of observing the world around me to record the extra and the ordinary. I believe what matters about photography is that it can show the world in a creatively unique light, that has the potential to be a source of inspiration for anyone.
        Sometimes it works ;)
        Have a lovely night and weekend too!

      3. I shall. Your very beautiful photography is much appreciated Stefan. Some of the finest I have seen. Night and lovely Sunday.

      4. I feel flattered. Thank you very much Holly for the compliment. Good night from the North of Germany. Have a lovely Sunday too.

    1. Das freut mich. Vielen Dank für das Lob. Es macht zudem Freude in die Tiefen eines Blogs einzutauchen und so manchen „alten“ Fotoschatz wieder ins Licht der Aufmerksamkeit zu bringen.

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