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Brazil’s Olympics kick off tonight. It is the perfect time to share and celebrate the beautiful music of Brazil. In 2014 I already created two long tracklists with Music from Brazil. For the new mix I updated the long list, added new songs and put together all in one mix to share the new mix with current and classic Tunes for your pleasure. Listen and enjoy to Azymuth, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben, Tania Maria, Seu Jorge, Marcus Valle, Ed Motta and many others more.

This way please, click → Essential Brazilian Mix  (YouTube-Link)

Heute Nacht beginnen die Olympischen Spiele in Rio de Janeiro/Brasilien. Eine perfekter Moment, abseits von den Spielen, die wunderbare Musik aus Brasilien zu genießen. Bereits 2014 hatte ich zwei lange Listen mit Musik aus Brasilien zusammen gestellt. Für den neuen Mix habe ich die Titel aktualisiert, neue Lieder hinzugefügt, alles zusammen gefügt und alle Titel sind jetzt ohne Geo-Blocking frei empfänglich. Viel Vergnügen mit Azymuth, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben, Tania Maria, Seu Jorge, Marcus Valle, Ed Motta u.v.a.

Alternative Link, click → Essential Brazilian Mix (YouTube-Link)

Did you know/ Wussten sie schon
“Mas que nada” which means in German “Mehr als Nichts” and in English “More than nothing”. Most people believe that Sergio Mendes originally wrote the song. But Mendes made later only a cover version, but a quite succesful cover version. It is originally written by Jorge Ben Jor in 1963. And he was very influenced by José Prates with “Nanã Imborô from 1958. (YouTube-Links)

“Mas que nada” ist portugiesisch für „Mehr als Nichts“. Viele glauben, dass Sergio Mendes den Titel im Original geschrieben hat. Doch Mendes machte lediglich eine Cover-Version daraus, die weltweit bekannt wurde. Im Original wurde der Titel von Jorge Ben Jor 1963 geschrieben. Besonders beeinflusst wurde der Titel von José Prates und seinem „Nanã Imborô“.

“Bossa Nova” means “New Trend” and was developed in the 50s and 60s. It is a fusion mix of samba and jazz. In 1958 Antonio Carlos Jobim wrote the song Chega De Saudade” (No More Blues), performed by Elizeta Cardoso. It was the first bossa nova recording. In 1959 Joao Gilberto recorded the album “Chega De Saudade”. His version became a worldwide hit. (YouTube-Links) More information you find here: Wikipedia „Bossa Nova“.

„Bossa Nova“ ist portugiessich für „Neue Welle“ und entwickelte sich in den 1950 und 1960er Jahren als neue Entwicklung in der Musik. Es ist ein Mix aus den beiden Stilrichtungen Samba und Jazz. Als Geburtsstunde des Bossa Nova gilt der Titel „Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)“ von  Antônio Carlos Jobim 1958, der von Elizeta Cardoso gesungen wurde. 1959 nahm Joao Gilberto das Album „Chega De Saudade“ auf und seine Version wurde ein weltweiter Hit. Mehr zu lesen gibt es in der Wikipedia „Boss Nova“.

Gilles Peterson presents Brasil Bam Bam Bam (Documentation)
Gilles Peterson’s feature-length documentary on Brazilian music is now available to watch online for the first time. Titled Brasil Bam Bam Bam, it was filmed in 2014 to then tour film festivals and one-off screenings without ever being available to a wider audience.

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  1. Fabulous music to kick off the Olympics. I love Bossa, I love the tunes you have chosen Stefan. I think Chega de Saudade by Joao Gilberto is the summary of bossa nova, but melt at the sound of Ipanema and Astrud Gilberto. I am watching the Olympics off and on and was excited about the entrance of the countries on the first night, it was a bit confusing as they were lined up according to Portuguese spelling, one of the most beautiful languages in the world imho, unfortunately I fell asleep and missed the entrance of my own country, rather disappointing, :). Thank you for the mix, I will enjoy it tremendously and commend your selection of Peterson’s link as well.
    Thank you for the marvelous article. Holly.

    1. Thank you very much Holly. I like the Portuguese language too as well the traditional Fado Music.
      Aside from the guitar style, Joao Gilberto’s innovation was among other things the projection of the singing voice which was completely new. I thought it was perfect to share the rich musical history of Brazilian Music. You´re right to mention Astrud Gilberto. But due to the legal matter so many videos are not available in Germany to watch. By the way I am really happy that I saw the three Musica Popular Brasileira Musicians Live on stage, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso.
      I just watched the opening ceromony and yesterday some Beach Volleyball and the news from Rio. Due to the international doping affair and different commercial aspects, my interest to watch the Olympics is limited…for the first time.
      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

      1. Thank you. Let us hope that the Olympic´s in Rio will keep a peaceful event without Attacks.
        Wishing you a great day too.

      2. I surely hope so Stefan. They seem to have a lot of security out, it is tragic everything done must be under heavy guard against violence.

      3. You´re right. All attacks happened in the last couple of weeks in Europe changed still the public mood in a negative way. 2016 is and keep a surreal and changeable year with all the prominent passed persons, violence and wars. On the other side we have to look forward as well to keep our positive basic mood and thinking still in changeable times.

      4. Indeed! Life goes on and hopefully the state of the world will improve and not slide further into turmoil. Your contribution of words and music is greatly appreciated :)

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