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Facets Of A Season

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Autumn Walk
Facets of a season. Autumn. And a look back because Winter period is close. So here is to share a photo gallery with images capturing the special and beautiful autumn light and mellowing mood. Now I am looking for the Winter season and for the low sun at sunset. With one click on each photo the WordPress viewer makes the photos it large.

„What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.“
(Karl Lagerfeld)

Facetten einer Jahreszeit. Herbst. Und ein Blick zurück. Denn der Winter kommt immer näher. So habe ich einige Fotos für eine Galerie zusammengestellt, wo die herbstliche Stimmung und das besondere Licht im Fokus stand. Nun darf der Winter langsam kommen mit seiner tiefstehenden Sonne beim Sonnenuntergang. Mit einem Klick auf ein Foto öffnet sich der WordPress Viewer und macht das Foto groß.


10 Kommentare zu “Facets Of A Season

  1. Schöne Farben.

  2. Beautiful photographs, a wonderful and insightful quote by Lagerfeld, a reminder that we must be in the moment or miss forever in the blink of an eye. I especially love your first photograph in the gallery where the color of fall is just beginning to encroach upon the summer’s greenery, truly lovely!

    • Thank you very much dear Holly for the compliment. Photography is an album of the past. And it is important to enjoy the moment. The first photograph is still one of my favourites. I like how the branches and colours makes the photo really special. By the way I lay on the ground. Sometimes we need to change the perspective.

      • That’s a marvelous tip Stefan, your angle is perfect here. I must try that some day…I don’t care what the neighbors think :)

      • Thank you Holly. I recommend to ignore the neighbours and to focus the image you want to capture. Sometimes we need to be creative still in photography. And it helps to play and change the perspective. I am sure that your neighbours will understand this :)

      • Indeed, they are not really concerned with me. Thank you for telling me how you captured this very excellent shot. :)

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder! Ich mag den Herbst! :)