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Beams Of Light

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Beams of Light/ Trees
Heute wird es ein klein bisschen psychedelisch. Das Strahlen des Lichtes und der Kontrast zwischen den leuchtenden wie dynamischen Farben. Alles auf Maximum hoch gefahren um des möglichst beste Ergebnis zu erhalten. Die Farben Grün und Blau machen zusammen das Foto besonders. Sozusagen eine Postkarte aus der nördlichen Twilight Zone.

„Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.“
(David Alan Harvey)

Today it gets a bit psychedelic. Look at the beams of light and contrast between the vibrant colours. They are all pushed to the maximum to get the best result and it works. The green and blues are so wonderful and made the photo special. So to say a postcard from the northern twilight zone.


8 Kommentare zu “Beams Of Light

  1. Was muss das muss :-)

  2. Psychedelisch oder nicht, einfach schön 👏👏

  3. Beautiful results Stefan. I once rode my bike down a back road through a forest very much like this at sunset. The forest appeared set afire by the rays of the setting sun. Unfortunately, I did not stop to take a photograph. Have a beautiful day!

    • Oh. Next time you should stop and take a moment for shooting the sunset. I love walking in nature and to explore the extra in the ordinary. Today there is a public holiday in Germany and I am having a long weekend and will enjoy the time.
      Have a beautiful day too!