I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting article about photography and visual culture. Here is to share a new monthly selection of handpicked articles, links and tweets in photography and visual culture.

„I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.“
(Diane Arbus)

‚The street is a stage‘: photographer David Gaberle’s urban journey
Photographer David Gaberle travelled the world for eight months in 2015 capturing street life and the way people interact in cities, from Tokyo to London, Batumi to New York.

Photo Essay – On Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign trail
Behind the general election in England. Photographer Sean Smith followed Jeremy Corbyn’s throughout the Labour general election campaign from the early days through to the huge Labour victory in Thursday’s general election.

Gavin Doran wrote about the 10 DON’T DO THIS you should never do as a Photographer
7. Over-Edit Your Work
As photographers, we ALL want to make our work look as good as humanly possible. This can include a rigorous amount of editing-especially if you are a perfectionist like me. However, after you spend a significant amount of time editing, it’s always a good practice to step away from the computer or image and come back at a later date.

Backstage at the Bafta TV awards 2017
Wonderful black and white photography. On a very British night of sunshine and showers, photographer Sarah Lee captured all the biggest stars of the small screen.

The forgotton Dream
I would like to draw attention to the Immigrants who wanted to live a better life in America. I tried to connect past and present with visualising these people in today’s environment…Black and white images from the previous century are often forgotten, so I colorised them and retouched the damages to make more connected to the present. The images are fictional, many people couldn’t ever get into Manhattan or live in America.

The Inspiring, Contested Legacy of Dorothea Lange
Black and white photography. Through the lens of social activism. The Inspiring, Contested Legacy of Dorothea Lange.

berlin flat white – government and people
I love the work by street photographer Martin U Waltz. Here to share a selection of his work.

35 Quotes From Master Photographers to Inspire You to Take Great Pictures
While those photography quotes will get you behind the lens, practical advice is also helpful for snapping meaningful pictures. Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking a step in the right direction. „A good photograph is knowing where to stand,“ Ansel Adams instructs. But if that fails, just remember, according to Henri Cartier-Bresson, „Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.“
Quotes about on what is photography, why to take pictures and photographers offering their own photography advices.

How (some) photographers around the world make a living
The World Press Photo Foundation’s annual survey on The State of News Photography paints a broad and generally grim picture of the lives of photographers around the world. Relatively speaking, few have regular employment, women and those outside of Europe and North America are under-represented, income is low, and assignments are rare.

Why You Should Try Soaking 35mm Film in Ramen Soup
What an idea! Photographer Polina Washington dunked her work in ramen broth, Russian river water and boozy lemonade and the results are really special. She said: „In my work, I try to escape reality and create an imaginary world. Soaking film is a great technique for uncovering unseen forces—the vibrations and energies that affect us and our lives.“

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(Photo Credit: Unsplash/ https://unsplash.com/)

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  1. An awesome selection of photographs Stefan. I love the driver standing alongside the car, the Eiffel Tower in the background, also the train in motion is a favorite. Every one of them fabulous!

    1. I am glad that you like the selection. Don´t miss the really creative work by Christph Niemann who created so many wonderful cover for the New Yorker Magazine. Even it takes time to create such a selection of interesting articles etc. it is still a pleasure to share this.

      1. I toured the Christph Niemann photography/sketch series, so amazing! Thank you, I would not have wanted to miss this! Wishing you a beautiful week end Stefan.

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