The Painter Constructs, The Photographer Discloses

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting articles about photography and visual culture. Here is to share a new selection of handpicked articles, links and tweets. Enjoy!

„The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.“
(Susan Sontag)

The spirit of old Hong Kong lives on in these black-and-white images by master photographer Fan Ho
Fan Ho’s haunting black-and-white photos chronicling old Hong Kong show how much the city has changed since the 1950s. Ho documented the street life of Hong Kong throughout his career as a photographer, offering a glimpse of the lives of city-dwellers with his moody images that were carefully composed with the use of light, shadow, and the contours of architecture.

A hot summer night in London
Midsummer, heavy heat, and London is beside itself: couples kiss by tube station steps, accordion players linger on street corners, the city is alive with the coatless, bare-legged and bewildered. Across the air comes the sound of last orders, police sirens, blurry conversation, while the backstreets stand quiet, lost in the scent of jasmine and dust.
On a midsummer night, after the hottest June day since 1976, photographer Sarah Lee travelled across London with writer Laura Barton to capture the capital’s mood.

The Photojournalist Using His Camera to Level the Score
Wonderful black and white photo set. Over his almost 60-year career photographer Neil Libbert has shot everything from the Brixton Riots to George Best, a young Helen Mirren, the folk working at a DHSS Benefit Office, and children playing on the streets of Harlem in the 1960s.

The Mammoth Pirates
In Russia’s Arctic north, a new kind of gold rush is under way. This is a fascinating photo reportage and natural history writing at its best. Really worth to read.

Why we should learn German by John le Carré
You’ve probably heard the Mark Twain gag: „Some German words are so long they have a perspective.” You can make up crazy adjectives like “my-recently-by-my-parents-thrown- out-of- the-window PlayStation“.

Dennis Stock’s Jazz Street
Dennis Stock evokes the improvisational spirit of the American Jazz scene in the late 1950s.
„I had a passion for jazz. I had listened and attended many jazz sessions from a child on. So I went out for three years and explored the world of musicians all across the United States and had a wonderful time. It was joyful. Just marvelous.“
Have a look on Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Earl Hines, Ella Fitzgerald and many others more.

The art of taking the perfect Glastonbury photo (Picture Essay)
From stars and politicians on stage to capturing some of the festival’s more unusual characters, Guardian photographer David Levene explains the art of taking the perfect Glastonbury photo.

Gorgeous goats
Meet Ben, Bella, Sherlock and Sydney – the elegant goats turned into portraits by Kevin Horan. As the American photographer explains, he just treated them ‘like customers in a small-town photo studio’.

Chicago’s South Side
The everyday lives of the African-American community in Chicago’s South Side captured by Wayne Miller in a historic photoessay.

How Gandhi’s last day was photographed
In January 1948, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson took the last photos of Gandhi before the Indian leader’s assassination.

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