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Serene Sunset
Let´s take a deep breathe. Sometimes we have to pause for a moment and to enjoy the little moments. This is my entry for this week´s Weekly Photo Challenge „Serene“. Serene landscapes and nature are the best to slow down and to relax. I really enjoy the little moments for example walking or sitting on a river at the golden hour. Do you hear the silence and stillness there.

„The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.“
(Elliott Erwitt)

Einmal tief ausatmen. Manchmal muss man für den Moment eine Pause einlegen und diese kleinen Fluchten und Auszeiten genießen. „Serene“ ist das aktuelle Foto-Wochenthema der „Weekly Photo Challenge“, was ein richtig schönes Thema ist. Ruhige Landschaften und Natur sind wunderbare Plätze um herunter zu kommen und zu entspannen. Zum Beispiel genieße ich gern die kleine wie besonderen stille und ruhige Momente am Wasser zur Goldenen Stunde.

As bonus I selected some previous images celebrating the „serene“ theme. With one click on each photo, the WordPress Viewer makes the photos it large. Enjoy.

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14 Kommentare zu “Serene

  1. As usual, I’m so impressed by your submission, and I love the last image! 😊

  2. Beautiful scenes captured at sunset. So very lovely.

  3. Definitely a moment to reflect, Stefan.

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  5. Hi Stefan. Your photos are superb. I never grow tired of views like your sunsets. I love the blue and yellow colours in the palette.
    All the best,

    • Hi Hanna, Thanks for your kind words. A sunset is often the everyday magic. I never too grow tired of a beautiful sunset when time moves slower. It is one of the best possibilitites to close the day still in winter.
      Take care and all the best,

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