Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow
I can go
With the flow (ohohoho)
(I can go) Don’t say it doesn’t matter
with the flow
(Queens Of The Stone Age-Go With The Flow)

Life is better on the sea is a new photo series where I tried to capture the extra in the ordinary, always looking for light, water and special moments. Even in changeable times I use as much I can the chance to go out and in the best sense to follow the words by Mark Twain and to dream, explore and to discover. Perfect with the song line „Go With The Flow“. The series will continued.


9 Kommentare zu „Go With The Flow

    1. Happy you like it, Hanna. The sea is such a wonderful place. And all the best for your team at the FIFA world cup.
      All the best still for you and a happy weekend.

      1. Thanks a lot for your wishes, Stefan!
        I cross my fingers that the whole thing will turn into an outstanding event for all <3
        Wish you a joyous weekend too!!

      2. You are welcome, Hanna. I hope that the danish team will still find their own flow. And that the world cup event will be peaceful and as well an outstanding event.
        Have a splendid weekend.

  1. I really love the photo, the low lights and highlights on the water and sky, and the rather abstract take on what might have been a pier. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you very much, Hollie. The sea is so inspiring and such a wonderful place to take a deep breathe and to enjoy.
      Have a nice weekend too.

  2. Ich bin gespannt auf deine Water-Serie. Ich mag den Kontrast zwischen Wellenbrecher, Gischt, zur dunklen … fast schon tiefschwarzen See. Hab ein schönen Sonntag Nachmittag.

    1. Dankeschön Tanja. Gerade in wechselhaften Zeiten tut ein See-Blick ganz gut, wie ich finde. Oder anders ausgedrückt: sich im schönsten Sinn zu verlieren.
      Genieße den schönen Abend.
      Liebe Grüße,

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