The Eye Should Learn To Listen Before It Looks

Water Reflection
„The eye should learn to listen before it looks.“
(Robert Frank)

To explore and finding reflections are one of my favorite matter in photography. by the way you find reflections on windows and buildings, in the water and yes still in puddles. All what you need are your eyes and to find an interesting angle to shoot. Keep your eyes open and look for the extra in the ordinary and try to be a bit abstract. Even on dreary and rainy days when the light is not perfect the magic of a reflection is amazing. Here to share a selection of interesting reflections. With one click on each photo the WordPress viewer makes the photos it large.


9 Kommentare zu „The Eye Should Learn To Listen Before It Looks

    1. Hi robert,
      vielen Dank für das Lob. Ja, du hast Recht. Das zweite un dritte Foto habe ich in Hamburg aufgenommen. Das eine war eine Wasserspiegelung bei Planten un Blomen und das zweite Foto entstand am Museumshafen.
      Liebe Grüsse,

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