Facets Of A Season

Facets of a season. Autumn. And a look back because Winter period is close. So here is to share a photo gallery with images capturing the special and beautiful autumn light and mellowing mood. Now I am looking for the Winter season and for the low sun at sunset. With one click on each photo... Weiterlesen →

Autumn Walk

To celebrate the unique autumn colours and light in October. All photos taken on an Autumn walk and perfect with the well known poem "A Song in October" by Theodor Storm. A Song in October Clouds gather, treetops toss and sway; But pour us wine, an old one! That we may turn this dreary day... Weiterlesen →

Turn Out The Stars

On those grey autumn days I am sending you a optical and colourful energy dispenser for the eyes with part III of the dahlias images. My focus was to keep the beauty of the dahlia blossom. Today another close-up with some interesting saturated details. Then there is the perfectly balanced, almost symmetrical composition. The dahlia... Weiterlesen →

It Is Time

The Autumn Season is the year last and loveliest smile, as someone said. And I love the smile of autumn colours. And what would we do without the special light and autumn colours as to capture. It is time to use every moment you might be able to use the time. Corona ... It is... Weiterlesen →

Colour Flow

There are these special moments on an ordinary day where the light is perfect and the nature colours are just so blue. Both images seen around the Alster Lake in Hamburg. Reflections are one of my favourite in photography. Because you can play with the scene and will get a complete other and sometimes an... Weiterlesen →

Look At Me

Autumn is the time for dahlia blossoms. Here it is a close-up of the "inner values" of a dahlia blossom with a wonderful saturation and contrast and with intensive white notes. Or in other words, dahlia blossoms are natural energy dispenser for the eyes. The dahlia series will be continued. "Photography is an art of... Weiterlesen →

Bright Day

Autumn is the special mellow time...as the present now will later be past. Taken already in November, on a sunny autumn day. But it would be a shame not to show the image, I think. Despite the gloomy and dreary days within this week, it is good to have a photo archive. “Is not this... Weiterlesen →

Spider Web

The Nature is often amazing, full of miracles and has still some interesting facts. Here is a close up from a wet spider, web where you can recognize the water drops. The tensile strength of spider silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much greater elasticity. I have taken the photo... Weiterlesen →

Hidden View

Light makes photography and is the key to photography. A bit hidden view on the elbe river, captured on the last days in November, along a walk. The beautiful light, sunshine and a picturesque sky invited to linger. "To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…... Weiterlesen →

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