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Ferry Terminal Wittenbergen
Blick vom Fähranleger Wittenbergen. Anzeichen für den kommenden Frühling wie ich hoffe. Denn der Frühling ist die beste Zeit um Pläne und Projekte zu schmieden, wusste Leo Tolstoi schon.

How admirable!
to see lightning and not think
life is fleeting.
(Haiku by the 17th century Japanese master Matsuo Bashō)

View from the ferry terminal in Wittenbergen. Signs of spring, I hope. Because Spring is the time of plans and projects, Leo Tolstoy knews.
Sunday Trees
Bäume sind immer wieder faszinierend und Augenschmeichler über das ganze Jahr. Und der Blick nach oben lohnt ebenso häufig.
I am fascinated with trees. Trees are always fascinating and eyecatcher during the whole year. And looking up is often a fascinating scene.


Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting article about photography and visual culture. Here is to share a new selection of handpicked articles and links.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
(David Alan Harvey)

Es ist wieder Zeit aus den vielen Seiten im weltweiten Netz in loser Folge handverlesene Artikel und Links aus den Bereichen Fotografie, Visuelle Kultur u.a. zu teilen.

50 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1967
A half-century ago, protests erupted around the world against the Vietnam War, Montreal hosted Expo ‘67, race riots in the U.S. destroyed parts of Detroit and other northern cities, Elvis Presley married Priscilla in Las Vegas, O.J. Simpson was a running back for the University of Southern California, Israel fought and won the Six- Day War against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, the 20th Century Limited passenger train made its final run from New York to Chicago, and much more.

“Intro sequence to “Abstract”. I drew this on the car window while driving with the film crew.”
Chrsitoph Niemann is a visual storyteller and created already many cover for The New Yorker. He connects creativity, humour, art and visual storytelling to an unique work. (via Christoph Niemann)

Behind the scenes at the Baftas 2017 – in pictures
Great b/w photo scenes with some candid shots taken at the Baftas 2017.
With exclusive backstage access, Guardian photographer Sarah Lee captured the stars’ preparations, the parties and the red carpet atmosphere of this year’s British Academy film awards.

Hengki Koentjoro is a master in black and white photography.

Tips for Long-term Photographic Projects (Magnum Photos)
Are you thinking for a long term project in photography. Here are five lessons in developing and sustaining a long-term photographic project from Magnum and industry insiders. for example: Have a mission statement

The city that sleeps: deserted New York City
New York is home to more than 8 million inhabitants but Genaro Bardy has managed to photograph the city devoid of people. Part of a wider project called Desert in the City, which includes London, Paris and Rome.

Photos of NYC in the early 1970s
In the early 1970s, Camilo José Vergara trained his camera on scenes of everyday street life in New York City. His photographs captured kids playing on the street, subway cars before graffiti, sections of the Bronx that look bombed out, and the construction of the World Trade Center in progress.

Landscapes within landscapes
Artist Laura Plageman, who works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up, manipulates her photographs physically rather than digitally. In her ongoing series Response, she alters sea and landscapes and forest scenes to create something she describes as being “both a truth and a fiction”.

Cut in two: travels along the US-Mexico border
Borderproject2017 aims to document life on both sides of the US/Mexico border. Three AFP photographers, Jim Watson, Yuri Cortez, and Guillermo Arias, spent ten days travelling along the 2,000 mile frontier from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sony world photography awards 2017 shortlist
Some incredible photography shortlisted in this year’s Sony World Photo Awards.

Land of blood and honey: David Rubinger’s Israel
In memoria. David Rubinger’s images of Israel showed the chaos and humanity behind the headlines.

Linda Wisdom – Light Chaser
“My Light Chaser series of images has been an ongoing project for about 8 years, pretty much since I discovered my passion for street photography. As a street photographer and self-confessed ‘light chaser’, my eyes automatically gravitate towards ‘interesting light’ (whether man-made or natural), and using it in a creative manner.”
English photographer Linda Wisdom is a master in street photography and in black and white photography.

(Photo Credit: Unsplash/


Fish Auction Hall

Fish Auction Hall Altona
Die Altonaer Fischauktionshalle mit ihrem industriellen rauen Charme ist eines der Wahrzeichen der Stadt Hamburg. Gebaut wurde sie in den Jahren 1895/96 und steht heute unter Denkmalschutz. Innen bietet die Halle Platz für ca. 3.000 Gäste.
Fish Auction Hall Altona
The cultural heritage monument “Fish Auction Hall” in Altona with its industrial and rough charme is a symbol of the city of Hamburg. Built in 1895/96. The hall can accomodate at about 3.000 people. First you see the view from the ferry terminal. The second photo shows the view inside the hall.


Venetian Carneval

Venetian Carneval in Hamburg 2017
Ein Hauch des venezianischen Karnevals wehte am letzten Wochenende rund um die Alster durch Hamburg. Bei eisigen Temperaturen konnte man mehrere Dutzend Menschen in barocken Kostümen und Masken begegnen. Eine Hommage an den venezianischen Karneval. Da sehr viele Fotografen und Menschen vor Ort waren, legte ich meinen Blick mehr auf die Fotografen um sie bei ihrer Arbeit zu fotografieren.

Last weekend a touch of venetian carneval breezed in Hamburg around the alster lake. At freezy temperatures a several dozens of people dressed up in old baroque custumes and masks. It is a hommage on the venetian carnival. Because really many photographers and people were on the way, I put my focus not on the masks but to shoot the photographers at work.
Venetian Carneval in Hamburg 2017

Blick auf die Alster Arkaden wo die Menschen ihre Kostümen und Masken zeigten.
View on the alster arcades where the people showed her custumes and masks.
Venetian Carneval in Hamburg 2017


2016 Rewind

Das alte Jahr neigt sich langsam dem Ende zu. Grund genug noch einmal das Jahr via einer Foto-Galerie Revue passieren zu lassen und gleichsam zurück zu schauen auf 12 Monate und stellvertretend dazu 12 Fotos von Januar bis Dezember 2016. Für die Foto-Galerie habe ich einige Fotografien ausgesucht. Mit einem Klick auf ein Foto öffnet sich der WordPress Viewer und macht das Foto groß. Viel Vergnügen beim Nachschauen.

The door is slowly closing on 2016 which is still a good reason to review the year. 12 months and 12 photos representing the period from January to December 2016. For the photo gallery I selected twelve images I took in 2016. With one click on each photo, the WordPress Viewer makes the photos it large. Enjoy the 2016 rewind.

Ich möchte gern diesen Moment nutzen und mich herzlich bei allen bedanken, für die Aufmerksamkeit und Zeit meine Artikel, Fotografien oder meine musikalischen Ausflüge zu verfolgen. 

Passt auf euch auf. Allen einen guten Rutsch. 

Let me still use the chance to say thank you very much for your attention taking the time to read and follow my articles, my photography and still for my musical excursions.

Take care. Happy New Year.  


Christmas Season

Neuer Wall Christmas Decoration
Bevor die Zeit der Stille kommt, ein Blick zurück auf die Weihnachtslichter am Neuen Wall, einer Einkaufsstrasse die um die 600 Meter lang ist und mit zu den teuersten Shoppingadressen in Europa zählt. Da die Weihnachtsmärkte übervoll waren, hatte ich eines Abends Glück, sodass nicht allzu viele Menschen auf den Strassen waren um einige Fotos von den Lichter und Dekoration zu machen. Die Fotos sind vor dem 19. Dezember entstanden. Das Foto mit Weihnachten in verschiedenen Sprachen entstand am Jungfernstieg.

Morgen gibt fast schon traditionell den jährlichen “Stille Nacht” Musik-Mix mit stiller und ruhiger Musik. Denn Stille, Ruhe und Frieden braucht es mehr denn je, so mein Eindruck.
Before the period of silence starts, a view back of Christmas lights on the streets (Neuer Wall). The Neuer Wall is a busy shopping district and some 600 Meters long. Neuer Wall is among the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe. The normal Christmas Markets around the city were overcrowded and so I used the chance on one night to take some photos from the Christmas Lights and Decoration. The photo showing Christmas in different languages was taken at the Jungfernstieg, a promenade and close to Neuer Wall.

This is not the final Christmas Post. Tomorrow, one may say, I share the traditional “Silent Night” Music Mix with silent music. Because Silence and Peace is more than ever needed, I think.
Neuer Wall Christmas Decoration


Farewell Summer

Facets of a season. So here to share a gallery with black and white images all captured during the summer season. Photography is a permanent process trying in new and other forms of expression. For me Photography is an album of the past. And sometimes I see the world in black and white in photography and therefore I created a gallery with black and white images capturing the special summer mood. Now I am looking forward for the golden autumn period with unique colours. With one click on each photo the WordPress viewer makes the photos it large.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
(William Shakespeare, The Sonnets, XVIII)

Facetten einer Jahreszeit. Mit einem Blick zurück auf den Sommer in Schwarz/Weiß. Das besondere an der Fotografie ist insgesamt ein fortwährender Weg sich immer wieder in und an anderen Ausdrucksformen zu versuchen. Für mich ist Fotografie ein Album der Vergangenheit. Und manchmal sehe ich dabei die Welt in Schwarz/Weiß und habe einige Schwarz/Weiß-Fotos in einer Galerie zusammengestellt, wo die sommerliche Stimmung im Fokus stand. Nun darf der Herbst mit seinen einzigartigen Farben gern kommen. Mit einem Klick auf ein Foto öffnet sich der WordPress Viewer und macht das Foto groß.

“Sommer ist die Zeit, in der es zu heiß ist, um das zu tun, wozu es im Winter zu kalt war.”
(Mark Twain zugeschrieben)