Soul Years Marvin Gaye

"Rockets, moon shots Spend it on the have nots Money, we make it Fore we see it you take it" It is time for a new chapter in "Soul Years" with Marvin Gaye´s (1939-1984) epic song "Inner City Blues". Marvin Gaye, born Marvin Pentz Gay Jr., was an american soul singer, songwriter and producer. In... Weiterlesen →

Soul Years Baby Huey

This week I am writing a about the rock(ing) side in Soul Music and reflect the short life of singer Baby Huey and his influential in modern Hip Hop Music. And the story has still a lot of do with Curtis Mayfield. "...Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare People all around me and they're... Weiterlesen →

Soul Years Ray Charles

Today it is Showtime with Ray Charles and the story about one of the essential album in music history. Grown in a little village in Florida. With only 7 years he lost his eyesight. At the age with 15 years he lost his mother. In this time music were his center of life. He moved... Weiterlesen →

If I Can Dream

This is first music mix in 2014 here where we celebrate the 80th Birthday from Elvis Presley and remember to Joe Cocker and the Austrian Entertainer Udo Juergens who died at the end of 2014. And still to Jazz Musician Gerald Wilson who died in last year at the age of 96 years. Another topic... Weiterlesen →

Mind Power

This week music mix will bring you "Mind Power" and take you on a journey across different music styles and countries. We have the Godfather of Soul James Brown, the new track from Deichkind, one of the best album in 2014 from Caribou, new great modern Jazz from GoGo Penguin and Bugge Wesseltoft and many... Weiterlesen →

Blue In Green

Welcome to a new music with Soul & Jazz and beyond. This week edition take you on a journey across Europe, Brazil, America and Africa and with some music treasures from the archive, lost but not forgotten. We start with an unusual track with Harps and close with a classic track from Aretha Franklin´s Tribute... Weiterlesen →


Welcome to a new weekend mix with Soul & Jazz Music and with the new Single from Aretha Franklin, new songs from Bonobo, Demos from Amy Winehouse, Blues Musician Eric Bibb, German Electronic from the early 80´s and many more and a tribute to Soul Singer Jimmy Ruffin. We have to take as it comes.... Weiterlesen →

Way Back Home

Weekend Edition. After the special "Boo! Halloween Mix", it is time to share a new music mix with (Northern) Soul, Jazz, Funk, Blues and Fusion. The new mixtape of songs will spice up the weekend party or evening or day. Beside known artists and tracks, you will find a lot great music to explore...deep from... Weiterlesen →

You Move Me

Welcome to a new music mix with Soul & Jazz music and with Blues music with Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray, Jazz Greats like Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, Sun Ra, Sonny Rollins and many others more. First song is a killer track by Sharon Cash. She performed... Weiterlesen →

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