The festive season already started. For me it is still the time to remember special moments. Here to share some sunsets shots I took this year. A beautiful sunset is still a peaceful moment to close the day. And it is thrilling looking for the different colours when the sun disappeares from the horizon. No... Weiterlesen →

Yes, The River Knows

What a beautiful view and picturesque sunset. It reminds me still on Van Morrison: "Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly, into the mystic." Simply a fiery glowing beauty. And what a peaceful moment to close the day. Here to share a small collection of images. Perfect with the... Weiterlesen →


Waiting. Moments of silence. The last minutes before the day will close and the sun goes down. Still it is a bit cheesy but always so peaceful and thrilling looking after the colors when the sun disappeares from the horizon. No noises. Just silence. Even after a long and hard day those sunsets are the... Weiterlesen →

Favorite Place

This week photo challenge calls for a favorite place, a viewpoint and finally a place that brings you joy. Living in a harbor city the answer is simple: the river elbe. It is Hamburg’s main waterway, the Elbe river connects the city to the North Sea. The best you can also enjoy the 23 kilometres... Weiterlesen →


This is my entry for this week´s Weekly Photo Challenge "Glow" which is one of my favourite theme and perfect with some Golden Hour Photography. And for a small glow gallery, sailing into sunset, the harbour athmosphere and nature and landscape photography, I invite you to use the WordPress Viewer. With one click on each... Weiterlesen →

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