Behind The Bamboo Curtain

Licht und solche Farben. Wunderbare Ausblicke in diesem Sommer und Balsam für die Augen. Die Lichtstrahlen fließen durch den Bambuswald und machen diese Szene besonders. How admirable! to see lightning and not think life is fleeting. (Haiku by the 17th century Japanese master Matsuo Bashō) Light and such kind of cool colours. Summer views at... Weiterlesen →


Cherry Blossoms

Colours. Light. Spring. The cherry blossoms are finally in bloom and what better way to celebrate these beautiful Japanese gifts than with a haiku? Because the cherry blossoms mark the beginning of the spring. Even it is a short but beautiful period. A fallen blossom Returning to the bough, I thought – But no, a... Weiterlesen →

Flower Of The Day

Colours in March announcing the arrival of the spring. Here to see a springtime crocus in bright colours with a splash of gold against the violet. On the way finding and taken on last weekend. The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. (Basho) Farben im März und... Weiterlesen →

Sunset Calls

Still in changeable times, what could be more beautiful than a silent evening to enjoy the sunset and to close the day. The soft and changing colors of a beginning cold night, the silence, the moment and vastness of sky and the moon. How admirable! to see lightning and not think life is fleeting. (Haiku... Weiterlesen →

Rose Garden

A last farewell to the winter...hopefully. Due to the recent snowfall I found in the photo-archive an earlier image of the Rose Garden in Winter wrapped in snow. It would be a shame not to show the photo, I think. The garden and area were created in the 17th century and has been a changeable... Weiterlesen →

Cold Winter Day

A freezing cold winter day at the morning when the light (here the incidence of light) is different and changing...changing moments. Ein klirrend kalter Wintermorgen wenn das Licht, hier besonders der Lichteinfall, so anders und sich immer wieder verändert und so wandelbar ist. "Just by being, I´m here in the snow-fall." Issa (1763-1828) The magic... Weiterlesen →

Magic Snow

Suddenly it is magic...snowfall. "Winter solitude- in a world of one colour the sound of the wind." ― Matsuo Bashō (1644 – 1694)

The Poetry Of Earth

The poetry of earth is never dead. The town, the silhouette, the sky and the setting sun. Though beautiful cold strange as in a dream. Today´s view at sunset...just see and enjoy...the picturesque and amazing evening sky together with a poem by John Keats. Die Poesie der Erde endet nie. Die Stadt, der Himmel, die... Weiterlesen →

The Garden

Before the winter period finally will end, just a look back. An on the way finding by accident captured within Februar: the garden from a house slightly covered with snow. After an unusual and mild winter period I am longing for spring when the nature will awake. Winter solitude in a world of one color... Weiterlesen →

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