Looks Like Rain

The rain is gonna come, oh it surely looks like rain... Nach einigen wechselhaften Tagen etwas entspannendes im Bild und Ton mit Grateful Dead´s "Looks Like Rain" (YouTube-Link) Regentropfen und die Blätter einer Anthurie, die zur Familie der Flamingoblumen gehört. Natürliche Stillleben, tropffrisch und mehr als einen Seitenblick wert. Eine Fortsetzung in einem zweiten Post... Weiterlesen →


An underground station has it´s own charme. Here to share two photos showing an underground station: U4 Line the final destination. The U4 is a line of the Hamburg U-Bahn, and the shortest with a length of 11.9 kilometres. By the way it is still an architectural highlight. Thank you Gerhard for the music recommendation. The... Weiterlesen →


Still für sich, und doch für mich... (Rainer Maria Rilke) Regen. Natur. Farben. Ein Stiefmütterchen, aus der Familie der Veilchen (Viola), aufgenommen nach einen Regenschauer in prächtigen Farben. English common names, such as "pansy", "viola" and "violet" may be used interchangeably. The name "pansy" is derived from the French word pensée, "thought", and was imported... Weiterlesen →

In The Garden

To see and explore the beauty in the ordinary on normal places is one of my favourite in photography. Here is to share two findings captured in the garden in black and white. How admirable! to see lightning and not think life is fleeting. (Haiku by the 17th century Japanese master Matsuo Bashō) Das Sehen... Weiterlesen →


Sometimes I see my life in black and white...in photography. Taken in the Speicherstadt. The Speicherstadt (City of Warehouses), meaning warehouse district in Hamburg, Germany is the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings stand on timber-pile foundations, oak logs, in this particular case. It is located in the port of Hamburg—within the... Weiterlesen →


After a break may I enjoy you for a short walk. Only 5 minutes away from the central station and town hall the Kontorhausviertel (old business district) is symbol of the tradition of Hamburg as free and hanseatic city. The Kontorhaus quarter of Hamburg's old town is characterised by impressive commercial buildings of the 1920s... Weiterlesen →


Spring. Colours. Beautiful Light. An evening scene. The sun is setting behind the silhouette of twisted tree branches at sunset. The sky is not the limit, it is the view. Sometimes I really like the chaos...in photography. Taken a couple of days ago. Frühling. Farben und wunderbares Licht. Eine Abendszene, wo die Sonne hinter der... Weiterlesen →

Take The Pictures You Believe In

"Take the pictures you believe in. The rewards in photography are so fleeting, so unpredictable, often so negligible, that the only true fulfilment comes from creation". (Alex Webb, Photographer, San Francisco)

April Review

Facets of a month. This is the second review with a look back on images I shared in April in the last couple of years. So here comes a gallery with images all published here in April. It is still a service for all new reader who has been coming along. With one click on... Weiterlesen →

A Tempting Walk

Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. (Alfred Stieglitz) Sunny spring days are the best. Taken on a tempting walk in a forest area. A wonderful play of light, shadows and trees. And a glimmer of light shines through the trees and gives the scene a special mood.

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