2016 Rewind

Das alte Jahr neigt sich langsam dem Ende zu. Grund genug noch einmal das Jahr via einer Foto-Galerie Revue passieren zu lassen und gleichsam zurück zu schauen auf 12 Monate und stellvertretend dazu 12 Fotos von Januar bis Dezember 2016. Für die Foto-Galerie habe ich einige Fotografien ausgesucht. Mit einem Klick auf ein Foto öffnet... Weiterlesen →

Winter Solitude

Winter arrived the north of Germany with Snow and sub-zero degrees. Here´s to share two moments without snow I captured on last weekend. A frozen pond with an interesting structure and bare branches in the cold wind. Keep you warm and dry. Winter solitude in a world of one color the sound of wind. (Matsuo... Weiterlesen →

2015 Rewind Final

Happy New Year. And the first post is a last look back. Here is the last part of 12 months, 24 photos and a short rewind from January to December 2015. For the second gallery I selected my personal favorite images, I took between July to December 2015. With one click on each photo, the... Weiterlesen →

2015 Rewind

12 months, 24 photos and a short rewind from January to December 2015 in two parts. For the first photo gallery I selected my personal favorite images, I took between January to June 2015. With one click on each photo, the WordPress viewer makes the photos it large. Enjoy the 2015 rewind. 12 Monate, 24... Weiterlesen →

Between The Years

After Christmas and before New Years Day, between the years as we say, a walk along the elbe river, sunny weather with a pleasant temperatures, a blue sky and with a fresh breeze. I like especially when the wind blows the face. It was really a refreshing walk. This is not the final post of... Weiterlesen →


Simple and beautiful blues: an abstract blue view of a water reflection. Even on dreary days you should still look down. Due to the special blue light and the branches and twigs underwater, the image gets something special. That kind of water reflections are always exciting and more worth then a side view. You get... Weiterlesen →

Spiders Work

Spiders Work and Water Droplets. The Nature is often amazing and has still some interesting facts. Here it is spider web with a lovely play of droplets. The tensile strength of spider silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much greater elasticity. Its microstructure is under investigation for potential applications in... Weiterlesen →

Sunset Always Wins

What would we do at sunset as to shoot it. A sunset is light for the soul even after hard days. It is the sound of colours. Photography is an art of observation. And I like to explore the beauty in the ordinary. And sunset always wins. I am sorry for my abscence but sometimes... Weiterlesen →

The Art Of A Tree

On the way moment. So simple, so expressive and so beauty. An Autumn moment in bright colours on a calm place and the art of a tree in a seasonal change. Sometimes you only need to change the perspective to find another view. "Since you went away the days grow long And soon I’ll hear... Weiterlesen →

Port Silhouette

Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and a special mood. The picturesque sky, the port silhouette and the light. Taken on a evening walk, sunken in thoughts and to enjoy a beautiful sunset for slowing down and to close the day. Silhouetten sind ein wunderbares Motiv um Drama, Mystery, Emotionen und... Weiterlesen →

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