And It Was All Blue

Memories from a long and neverending summer. Even it is actually autumn time, it would be a shame not to share those special moments and memories. All capturing on the baltic sea on a hot and pleasure late summer day. Water, Sun and a blue sky are perfect for a walk. Enjoy. "A great photograph... Weiterlesen →


After a summer break, which was too long, I know. I say hello again after a timeout. Sometimes we all have to set our preferences new. And this is still to say I am back on my blog. My blog journey continues. Thanks a lot for your patience. "All the technique in the world doesn't... Weiterlesen →

Go With The Flow

I can go With the flow (ohohoho) (I can go) Don't say it doesn't matter with the flow (Queens Of The Stone Age-Go With The Flow) Life is better on the sea is a new photo series where I tried to capture the extra in the ordinary, always looking for light, water and special moments.... Weiterlesen →

Favorite Place

This week photo challenge calls for a favorite place, a viewpoint and finally a place that brings you joy. Living in a harbor city the answer is simple: the river elbe. It is Hamburg’s main waterway, the Elbe river connects the city to the North Sea. The best you can also enjoy the 23 kilometres... Weiterlesen →

Silent Night

Zeit für Stille und Besinnlichkeit. Wir brauchen in diesen Stunden besonders Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit zum Nachdenken und Innehalten. Dafür mache ich gern den Platz frei für den mittlerweile vierten "Stille Nacht" Musik-Mix. Mit Musik die manchmal melancholisch ist, mutig, ruhig und mit emotionaler Kraft. Musik für alle die die besondere Stimmung der Stille genießen und... Weiterlesen →

In The Garden

To see and explore the beauty in the ordinary on normal places is one of my favourite in photography. Here is to share two findings captured in the garden in black and white. How admirable! to see lightning and not think life is fleeting. (Haiku by the 17th century Japanese master Matsuo Bashō) Das Sehen... Weiterlesen →


Spring. Colours. Beautiful Light. An evening scene. The sun is setting behind the silhouette of twisted tree branches at sunset. The sky is not the limit, it is the view. Sometimes I really like the photography. Taken a couple of days ago. Frühling. Farben und wunderbares Licht. Eine Abendszene, wo die Sonne hinter der... Weiterlesen →

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