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Stardust Memories

It has been a sad week. Nevertheless I tried to select some Linktips and reading recommendations among other things with Lemmy Kilmister/Motörhead (not) drinking milk, David Bowie Articles and Photos, the New York Public Library and many more.

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is posthumously starring in an ad promoting milk filmed less than a month before he died. Kilmister filmed campaign for Finnish dairy giant Valio less than a month before he died and ad agency turned it into a tribute. (via Guardian/SpOn)

These are by the way good news. New York Public Library does the public domain right (bOingbOing-Link)
„The New York Public Library is aggressively digitizing the public domain works in its collections, adding high-quality machine-readable metadata to each of the hundreds of thousands of assets, providing an API, offering residencies to remixers who do interesting things with the collection, and offering all those assets in high-rez with „No permission required. No restrictions on use.“


Did you know that more than 180,000 of the items in the Digital Collections are in the public domain? Follow the link and explore: Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

Turn and Face the Strange
The amazing Photographer Patti Kuche at Nylon Daze photographed some „scenes from outside David Bowie’s apartment in New York where many gathered to pay tribute to the groundbreaking legend who inspired and motivated so many. Not to become rock stars but simply to be themselves and yesterday those were the words on the street where he lived“.

Dave Pell from collected some good links to David Bowie. If you really want to subscribe just one newsletter then you need to subscribe at NextDraft.

In the NYT obituary, Jon Pareles writes: „Mr. Bowie wrote songs, above all, about being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, a sexual adventurer, a faraway astronaut.“ Maybe that’s why there is such an outpouring of emotion at the news of David Bowie’s death at the age of 69. Everyone feels like an outsider and Bowie made being an outsider feel more like being ahead of the curve. Today, there are people who are famous for nothing. David Bowie was famous for everything.

From Buzzfeed, here are 17 performances by Bowie, and a life in pictures.

Bowie was also early to the Internet. Quartz calls him a tech visionary, and there’s this from a 1999 Rolling Stone article: „David Bowie has pulled another cyber-coup by becoming the first major-label artist to sell a complete album online in download form.“

BBC: 69 facts about David Bowie.

Forgotten Housing Estates In Paris Captured By Laurent Kronental (Ignant-Link)
„For the ongoing series ‘Souvenir d’un futur‘, French photographer Laurent Kronental documents life at the ‘Grands Ensembles’, the large housing projects in Paris, since four years.“

Now I am feeling old. 30 Alternative albums that Turn 30 Years Old in 2016

The winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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Sound Architecture and How To Go Viral

Linktips and reading recommendations about a Portrait Session with an inspiring twist, how to het viral in the internet, Architecture, Alfred Stieglitz, Sound Architecture and all the great photographers lost in 2016.

A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it. (YouTube-Link)

6 Pro-Photographers, 1 Man, 6 Perspectives and a Portrait Session with a twist

Canon Australia told the photographers that the „model“ is a: Self Made Millionaire, Life Saver, Ex Inmate, Professional Fisherman, Psychic and a Former Alcoholic. That´s the simple story behind, what the photographs only knews. The interesting aspect is that 6 Photographers creating 6 completely different portraits.

Dear Architects: Sound Matters
The NewYork Times created an interesting and really well made documentation about Sound Architecture in cities. If you scroll over the images you can stop and hear the sound and you can click and hold the image and compare sounds.
„Sound and form go together. We presume it’s a truism that a large, airy space provides us with more aural room than a small one. But imagine yourself having a private conversation in a crowded elevator where a half-dozen other people are talking as well. Now picture yourself having that same conversation with only a single other person in the elevator.“

Perfect with article from the NewYork Times: The Symmetry of Architecture (Flickr-Blog)
Because the symmetry and beauty of architecture is all around us.

Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946) and American Photography
Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1864, and schooled as an engineer in Germany, Stieglitz returned to New York in 1890 determined to prove that photography was a medium as capable of artistic expression as painting or sculpture..

In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2015
TIME LightBox pauses to remember the great photographers lost in 2015.

How I made the Manchester New Year’s Eve photo go viral
One may say the Internet has already the photo of the year. It’s already been billed as the image of 2016 in some quarters. It’s been called art and hailed for its beautiful composition. Others have singled out how it depicts 21st century Britain. And the photograph tried to find an answer on the question: So what happens when you unexpectedly go viral?

(Und dazu die Süddeutsche Zeitung über Malerisches Delirium (SZ-Link)

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2015 Rewind In Music

At the end of the year, I celebrate the past 12 months in music and playing some of the best tunes from 2015. Most of the songs were released within this year. I selected too some really great Live Performances and Unplugged Sessions. These are the musical dots of 2015 with, among other things, P.I.L., Sleaford Mods, Frank Sinatra, Motörhead (with an unusual Acoustic-Song), Blur, Courtney Barnett, Leon Bridges and many more.

It was a good year in music with lots of new amazing singer and groups. I added on the list a song from Frank Sinatra and a blues song from Motörhead. Sinatra celebrated his 100th Birthday and the Frontman from Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister, died suddenly yesterday.

This is not a chart list but if you really looking to buy just one Jazz-and Hip-Hop-Album, then I highly recommend the debut album from Kamasi Washington „Epic“. It is an inspiring and amazing album, 3 CD´s full of spiritual Jazz and what a fantastic debut. Kendrick Lamar´s Album „To Pimp A Butterfly“ defining Hip Hop, Rap completely new. He mixed Jazz Elements with modern music and philosophical lyrics. One may say that he is the new Philosopher in Hip-Hop. But to come to an end, have fun with the 2015 mix and I hope that you will explore new sounds and artists too.

Let me still take the chance to thank you all for the past 12 months, for taking the time for reading and listening, sharing and commenting and for all likes. Take care and all the best.

Happy New Year wishes to you all!

This way please, click → 2015 rewind in music (YouTube-Link)

1. P.I.L. (Public Image Ltd.) – Double Trouble (Live at Jools Holland)
2. Adrian Raso And Fanfare Ciocarlia – Quattro Cicci
3. Blur – Lonesome Street
4. Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
5. Bill Fay – Underneath The Sun
6. Sleaford Mods – Chop Chop Chop
7. Kamasi Washington – The Rhythm Changes
8. Kendrick Lamar – i
9. Bill Fay – How Little From Who is the Sender
10. Joanna Newsom – Leaving The City (Live at Jools Holland)
11. George Fitzgerald – Full Circle
12. BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Experience
13. Maribou State – „The Clown“ Ft. Pedestrian
14. Jamie Woon – Sharpness (Live from Konk Studios)
15. Moses Sumney – Seeds
16. Seu Jorge – Na Verdade Nao Ta
17. Melanie De Biasio – I’m Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
18. Roy Ayers – „Everybody Loves The Sunshine“ (Live at Brownswood Basement)
19. Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim – „Drinking Water (Aqua de Beber)“
20. Ibeyi – „Better In Tune With The Infinite“ (Live at 3FM Radio On Stage)
21. Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener (Live on World Cafe)
22. Panda Bear – Boys Latin
23. Sleaford Mods – Tarantula Deadly Cargo
24. Thundercat – „Them Changes“
25. Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer (Live)
26. Courtney Barnett – An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)
27. Motörhead – Whorehouse Blues

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With A Click

Linktips and reading recommendations about Ad Blocking, Walking Meditation, Cuba, Rugby, link-rot, Bansky, der Fotografin Hilla Becher, der Frankfurter Buchmessse, Fragen besorgter Bürger, was der Wandel in der Porno-Industrie mit der Zukunft von Kultur und Medien zu tun hat und einen herrlichen Verriss über die Österreichischen Band Wanda (English/German).

Ad Blocking – The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites
Ad blockers, which Apple first allowed on the iPhone in September, promise to conserve data and make websites load faster. But how much of your mobile data comes from advertising? We measured the mix of advertising and editorial on the mobile home pages of the top 50 news websites – including ours – and found that more than half of all data came from ads and other content filtered by ad blockers.

Photography – Walking Meditation
He is one of my favourite in street or resp. as he described his work as Walking Meditation Photography mostly in Black and White. The result is stunning. Rinzi Ruiz is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer. He said: „Photography is my passion. I love to capture the moment. I find beauty in humanity in capturing the emotion, the mundane, and the art in reality that is everywhere“. He is not the one who is talking much about black and white photography, he is simply doing.

This is Cuba’s Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet
Do you can imagine a country where you had no Netflix or Spotify, where the most artists and sites are blocked. This is an interesting documentation (Video) how media smugglers get Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, and the New York Times to Cubans every week.

Messy, Blurry Rugby in England
„His photographs document young men intensely grappling in the mud and rain, while the halls and dormitories of Oxford and Cambridge loom in the background. “They aren’t getting paid or anything,“ he said, “they just play for the fun of it.“

The growing problem of Internet “link rot” and best practices for media and online publishers
Wie verlinke ich richtig, ist ein Dauerthema. Zuviele Links wirken störend. Gar keine sind auch nicht richtig. Leighton Walter Kille hat hier 10 Tipps für das korrekte Verlinken zusammen gestellt.
„The Internet is an endlessly rich world of sites, pages and posts — until it all ends with a click and a “404 page not found” error message“.

Interview with the artist Bansky (English/German)
Ein Tag in Dismaland. Und was ein mysteriöser Unbekannter, vielleicht sogar Bansky selbst (?), im Interview über das Konzept für Dismaland zu sagen hat.
It’s Euro Dismaland! Theme park created by Banksy is dismantled and used to create shelters for migrants at The Jungle in Calais.

Fotografin Hilla Becher gestorben
Sie war eine Meisterin der Industriefotografie: Hochöfen, Wasser und Fördertürme. ZeitOnline zeigt neben einem Nachruf auch einige Fotografien von Hilla Becher.
Der Tagesspiegel huldigt ihr Leben in einem Nachruf: Wenn die Türme Trauer tragen
„Ihre Bilder sind Monumente einer untergehenden Zivilisation. Die Hochöfen, Kohlebunker, Wassertürme und Förderanlagen, die Bauten der Industrialisierung, die sie aus streng formatierten Perspektiven festhielten, waren Menetekel des Untergangs. Ihre Bilder deshalb Industriefotografie zu nennen, greift deutlich zu kurz“.

FAQ für besorgte Bürger
Enno Lenze hat die häufigsten Fragen und Antworten (FAQ) für alle, die Angst vor Ausländern, Flüchtlingen und so weiter haben und nicht recht wissen, wen sie fragen sollen, zusammengestellt.

Lebensthema Achtsamkeits-Pommes
„Wo bleibt das große Leibniz-Malbuch? Käsekuchen nach Kant?“
Da ich früher selbst einige Jahre regelmäßig auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse war, kann ich diesen amüsanten Artikel nur zum Nachlesen empfehlen.

Das letzte verzweifelte Schwanz-Rausholen
Die Wiener Jornalistin Stefanie Sargnagel hat, nach eigener Aussage, ein gespaltenes Verhältnis zur österreichischen Band Wanda. Und sie schreibt einen Verriss mit einer interessanten Reaktion. Spätestens nach der Lektüre wird man sich erst Recht versuchen eine eigene Meinung zu bilden und Wanda hören.

Vom Produkt zum Prozess – am Beispiel Porno
Zum Schluß ein lesenswerter Artikel von Dirk von Gehlen (SZ), den ich sehr schätze, über den Wandel in der Porno-Industrie und was man daraus für die Zukunft lernen kann. Es geht um die Zukunft von Kultur und Medien. Lesenswert auch die Links zu den Original-Posts. Und bitte vom Titel nicht abschrecken lassen.

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Linktips Roundup 10th April 2015

The Eiffel Tower debuted 126 years ago
This is a great article with many of images about the Eiffel Tower History. It is still an article about architecture in cities:
„The Eiffel Tower opened to the public 126 years ago, on March 31, 1889. But it had been generating controversy for years before that. Today, it’s an icon. At the time, the project was deemed a disaster by France’s best aesthetic minds — and seen as a World’s Fair gimmick that would hopefully be demolished as soon as possible.“ (via

40 Black and White Portraits of Frida Kahlo from between the 1930s and 1940s
„I paint self-portraits, because I’m so often alone, because I am the person I know best.“ Frida Kahlo

Talking Photography With Elliott Erwitt
Lens Photography from the New York Times is a never ending source in photography, history. View the slide show with the photographies from Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photograph.
„I came to New York to start a career,” he said. “I had the good luck of meeting Steichen, Capa and Roy Stryker, and they were instrumental in getting me my first jobs. And that was it.“

Documenting the Blues in the Mississippi Delta
Again Lens Photography with a wonderful set of images showing the deep love and documenting the Blues.

Sebastião Salgado’s Journey From Brazil to the World
Let the images do the talking. Salgado is one of my favourite photographer. He said in the interview:
„I am not a social photographer. I am not an economic photographer. I’m not a photojournalist. Photography is much more than that. Photography is my life. It’s my way of life, and my language. I went to photograph the things that I had a great curiosity to see and to organize.“

Sea Stills – The World’s Best Water Photographer and his haunting Images.
The photos in the article are from Collins‘ website, along with a short film entitled „SeaStills,“ which Collins describes as a „film about what drives him to create.“

John Oliver meets Edward Snowdon
This is amazing how Comedian John Oliver explained with humour the Government Surveillance. Later in the video he sits down with Edward Snowden to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics. Oliver presses Snowden on his personal responsibility with regard to the information he revealed. Take the time to watch it.

Journalismus zum Lachen
Dirk von Gehlen (Süddeutsche Zeitung) zieht aus dem Beitrag Parallelen und zitiert weitere Links.

Kunst für alle? Thema Urheberrecht
Dr. Markus Neuschäfer schreibt im Monopol-Magazin:
„Wie man moderne Kunstvermittlung innovativ und gelassen gestaltet, demonstriert das Amsterdamer Rijksmuseum. In dem Online-Portal Rijksstudio kann man 190.000 Bilder in höchster Qualität herunterladen. Da die meisten Urheber bereits seit mehr als 70 Jahren verstorben sind, stehen die Inhalte in der public domain.“ (Entdeckt bei Anke Groener im Blog)

«Überdrüssig aller, die mit Worten, Worten, aber keiner Sprache daherkommen…»
Zum Tode von Tomas Tranströmer. Das Nobelpreiskomitee hat ihn 2011 mit dem Literaturnobelpreis ausgezeichnet, mit der Begründung: „weil er uns in komprimierten, erhellenden Bildern neue Wege zum Wirklichen zeigt“. Im Original: „…because, through his condensed, transluscent images, he gives us fresh access to reality…“. Seine Werke sind in Deutsch beim Hanser Literaturverlag erschienen. Tomas Tranströmer war Schwedens wohl berühmtester Lyriker. Nun ist er im Alter von 83 Jahren gestorben. Seine Sprache ist einfach, direkt, tief und klar und wie ein musikalisch bewegter lyrischer Fluss. Hier ist er in einem Video (Schwedisch/Englisch) zu sehen, wie er am Piano spielt, zu seinem Gedicht „Allegro“. (The poem ‘Allegro‘ is from the collection ‚Den halvfärdiga himlen‘ (‘The Half-Finished Heaven’), written in 1962)

Tomas Tranströmer: „The Music Says Freedom Exists“ (YouTube-Link)
“I play Haydn after a black day and feel a simple warmth in my hands.

die story extra: Gefährlicher Einsatz – Wenn Reporter über Krisen berichten
Ein wichtiges Thema. Diese Extra- Sendung über den Einsatz von Reportern in Kriegs- und Krisengebieten ist sehenswert, nicht nur wegen der Interviews und Einblicke in den Alltag der Reporter. In der WDR-Mediathek ist sie nachschaubar. Besonders hervorzuheben ist ein 30 minütiges Portrait und ihr letztes Interview der Ausnahmefotografin Anja Niedringhaus, die vor 1 Jahr bei einem Einsatz in Afghanistan erschossen wurde.

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Let The Good Times Roll

Time is running. It is time for a new mix with good music with soul, funk, jazz and beyond. An eclectic selection of new music, percussion tracks, lost but not forgotten rare songs. And there is the new song in two versions by Chic feat. Nile Rodgers in the mix. Join me into the world of sounds.

We starting the journey in New Orleans. JD McPherson released a new album and one of his most icons in music has been Fats Domino. EPHEMERALS are a London based soul team featuring an all star cast of musicians. Chassol is a really amazing french composer. He is mixing and sampling different styles to a wonderful world music melange. Sarah Vaughan sings about the mystery of man. What a voice. Tuscan beat maker C. Crisci, a.k.a Clap! Clap! bringing you Afro-trappism‘ sampling tribes. Then you can listen to new songs from Curtis Harding, Hanni El Khatib, Belle and Sebastian, Gregory Porter, Antonio Sanchez, D’Angelo from his masterpiece „Black Messiah“, the wonderful Melanie De Biasio and Kate Tempest and many, many more.

Then you find a lot of songs with percussion. The reason why I selected the songs is simple: the amazing soundtrack from the movie „Birdman“. Finally Nile Rodgers released yesterday the new song „I´ll Be There“. But I selected for the mix the funky and groovy instrumental version with the Martinez Bros..
Now let the music do the talking and let the good times roll.

Stay tuned. Listen. Relax, Enjoy!

This way please. Click Let The Good Times Roll…#52 (YouTube-Link)

1. JD McPherson – Let The Good Times Roll
2. Fats Domino – Blue Monday
3. EPHEMERALS – Six Days A Week
4. Wayward – Baile
5. CHASSOL – Odissi
6. Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums
7. Sarah Vaughan – The Mystery of Man
8. Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato
9. Aretha Franklin – Going Down Slow
10. Belle and Sebastian – The Party Line
11. War – Low Rider
12. Curtis Harding – Keep On Shining
13. Machito & His Orchestra – Hold on (I’m Coming)
14. Russo Passapusso – Paraquedas
15. Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight
16. Gregory Porter – Painted On Canvas
17. Antonio Sanchez – Doors and Distance (Soundtrack „Birdman“)
18. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Ain’t No Sunshine
19. D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Ain’t That Easy
20. Antonio Sanchez – Dirty Walk (Soundtrack „Birdman“)
21. Herbie Hancock – Succotash
22. Melanie De Biasio – Sweet Darling Pain
23. Jim-E Stack – Reassuring
24. Kate Tempest – Bad Place For A Good Time
25. The Tropics – Louie Louie
26. Boz Scaggs – Lowdown
27. Curtis Harding – Next Time
28. Chic featuring Nile Rodgers with The Martinez Bros. – I´ll Be There

You find the vocal version from Chic feat. Nile Rodgers on his Facebook-Account.

Nile Rodgers: „#‎WorldPremiere‬!! ‪#‎IllBeThere‬ is a moving concept for me about decisions we make in life. We’ve tried to capture all the nuances in the full length video and still keep it fun. Karlie Kloss connects the past and present. She sees the original group (who plays this track) on Soul Train. She, visualizes the past looking at old school vinyl – then gets dressed and goes out to a current party to meet up with Stephen Galloway and the current ‪#‎CHIC‬ lineup happens to be playing live. I’m very thankful to be debuting it exclusively w Music on Facebook to the world. Here it is. I hope you like it.“

More from Clap! Clap! you can listen on Gilles Peterson „Worldwide Family Guest Mix.

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Linktips Roundup 20th February, 2015

„Today even more true than back in 1997.“ IBM Internet Hype (Commercial from 1997)  (YouTube-Link)
(via Twitter/Amir Kassaei)

Interview! Hui Bui, Architect, Designer & Artist
He started a Kickstarter campaign for Plant-in City in 2012. Again a wonderful interview beautiful captured.
„I’ve learned so much. Plants are very resilient. They’re responsive. They need care and attention, just like anything else. I even find myself talking to my plants when I’m alone.“

Just wonderful, the Peanuts! Snoop

Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 shortlist announced
40 projects have been shortlisted for the European Union’s 2015 architecture prize – the Mies van der Rohe Award – including a woodland crematorium in Sweden and a rowing centre in a Portuguese wine region (+ slideshow).

David Carr, NewYorkTimes Critic and Champion of Media, Dies at 58
David Carr, who wriggled away from the demon of drug addiction to become a journalistic celebrity, a name-brand media columnist at The New York Times and a best-selling author who reported on his own near demise and recovery, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 58.

It turns out the one guy who could really sum up what David Carr meant to folks in media is David Carr. From the NYT: The Quotable David Carr. Here’s a selection of his writing and public statements

David Carr´s Column „The Media Equation“ is still available on NYT. Sometimes you can learn more from one single person then to read hundreds of historical books.

Interactive! watchemedate One couple. Two cameras. What happens next?

Just some recommendations for your next travel and some really nice gifs: 52 places to Go in 2015

160 años de amor por Barcelona. Fotos de Cartier-Bresson, Colita, Català-Roca…
(via Twitter El Viajero

Bob Dylan’s Grammy Speech
Probably the best short account ever of pop and rock music’s golden age, delivered with modesty and incomparable authority.
“I learned lyrics and how to write them from listening to folk songs. They gave me the code for everything that’s fair game. All these songs are connected. Don’t be fooled. I just opened up a different door in a different kind of way” (via

Photography Get Lost in The Incredible Black & White Mountain Landscapes of Scott Rinckenberger

AIR: Gotham 7.5K A Rare High Altitude Night Flight Above NYC
Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night…And seeing this video and article with more fantastic images.
Das Millionengrab Die Hamburger Elbphilharmonie gehört zu den zehn teuersten Hochhäusern der Welt und ist ein Millionengrab. Ein langer lesenswerter Artikel der die Historie zusammenfasst und ebenso die Chancen aufzeichnet. Nun, hier in Hamburg gibt es darüber geteilte Meinungen.

Oder man nimmt es mit Humor: „Neues von der Elbphilharmonie: Sie rechnet sich. Bei einer Auslastung von 180 Konzerten. Pro Tag.“ NDR Extra3 und Heinz Strunk sei dank (YouTube-Link)

Spaziergang durch den Irrsinn Smilla Dankert war bei der Weiberfassnacht unterwegs und hat dabei Personen fotografiert. Das Resultat ist ein höchst unterhaltsamer Spaziergang.
„Ungefähr 60 Menschen habe ich auf meinem Spaziergang durch den Irrsinn (sehr viele Leute überall, Alkohol spielt eine Rolle) angesprochen und fotografiert. Da tun Notizen Not; worin in diesem Fall leider ein doppelter Wortsinn liegt.Am späten Abend hat sich nämlich herausgestellt, dass sämtliche Erinnerungs-Aufsager im technischen Nirwana verloren gegangen sind. Namen, Kostümgeschichten, Kurzinterviews – alles weg. Das tut weh; mehr noch als schmerzende Füße.“

Das Recht auf das Vergessen im Netz
Das Bedürfnis, die Privatsphäre zu schützen und sich den Augen des interessierten Publikums zu entziehen, ist nach wie vor groß. Trotzdem gibt es kaum eine Debattenkultur über dieses wichtige Thema. Seit dem bekannten Gerichtsurteil hat Google fast 218.000 Gesuche für die Löschung von Links zu 786.000 Webseiten erhalten.

Über lokalen Journalismus und die zukünftige Chancen hatte ich bereits geschrieben. Konrad Lischka hat auf seinem Blog das Wupertaler Projekt „Talwaerts“ entdeckt, besprochen und obwohl ich das Magazin nicht kenne, komme ich nicht umhin zus sagen, dass ist genau der Lokaljournalismus wie ich ihn mir nicht nur in Wuppertal vorstelle. Ich bin gespannt ob es weitere positive Beispiele dieser Art in anderen Städten, wie z.B. in Hamburg geben wird. Allein für diese Entdeckung ein Dankeschön! Und hier ist das Interview mit dem Gründer und Herausgeber: TALWAERTS VERKAUFT 600 HEFTE DIE WOCHE