Don´t Look Away

Sometimes the moon is like this. It is time to share a new moon shot. The Moon in July. Taken yesterday night. "I’ll shoot the moon Right out of the sky For You..." (Tom Waits wrote and shot a wonderful moon association)



Sometimes the moon is like this. The magic attraction from a bright half-moon on a clear night sky. I have taken the photography two days ago. Because we all shine on. And all the moons magic seems to whisper and hush...


The magic appeal when the moon is bright and full. I have taken the image a few of days ago. When you come closer you can see the lovely clouds. Die magische Anziehungskraft bei Vollmond, wenn der Mond hell leuchtet. Das Foto habe ich vor wenigen Tagen aufgenommen. Wenn man näher herankommt, kann man die... Weiterlesen →

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