Die Kritik am amerikanischen Establishment gab es schon vor 50 Jahren. Heute und nicht nur darum ein Blick zurück auf die zwei Leben und Karrieren von dem Musiker und Dichter Gil Scott-Heron. Denn er kritisierte stilsicher mit Sarkasmus, Humor und Ironie das Establishment bereits in den 60´er Jahren. Gil Scott-Heron wurde 1949 in Chicago geboren,... Weiterlesen →

Colours in December

Colours in December. We have really a strange winter season with mild temperatures around 12-14 degrees. It is more having a barbeque instead a hot glass of mulled wine on a christmas market. As I looked for colours in december I found a gorse blossom, an underway finding and a beautiful eye catcher. Later, same... Weiterlesen →

The Sky Is The Limit

The Day’s End. Taken on a walk into sunset. A picturesque sky, a soft shimmering river and especially the beautiful colours and contrasts. Memories are made of this. Let the photo do the talking. Every sunset is followed by a new Day... Am Ende eines Tages. Aufgenommen bei einem Spaziergang in den Sonnenuntergang. Ein malerischer... Weiterlesen →

Bright Day

Autumn is the special mellow time...as the present now will later be past. Taken already in November, on a sunny autumn day. But it would be a shame not to show the image, I think. Despite the gloomy and dreary days within this week, it is good to have a photo archive. “Is not this... Weiterlesen →

Mellow Yellow

Autumn is the mellow time...as the present now will later be past. Taken a couple of days ago in November, on the way, on a sunny autumn day. A branch with yellow leafs, a beauty moment. On a grey day like today, it is good to have an archive to get back the autumn sun... Weiterlesen →

Do Better

Welcome to a new mix with Soul and Jazz music. This weeks issue with David Byrne, Cocteau Twins, Funky Nina Simone, Moondog, Gil Scott-Heron, a small Brazilian section, Ahmad Jamal, Soundtrack Music, Latin Funk and many others more. We starting with modern funk sounds meets new wave and with ESG. Then we have a lot... Weiterlesen →

Almost Like The Blues

Welcome to a new music mix with Soul & Jazz and Beyond. Today with the poet for the eternity, Leonard Cohen, who celebrates his 80th Birthday and released his new album. Have you ever listen to Marvin Gaye singing in German? Great names like Liza Minelli, Jackie Wilson, Portishead meets new sounds and artists. You... Weiterlesen →

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