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Green Lake

Spring Green Lake
Grün ist die Farbe die am meisten mit der Frühlingszeit, dem Wiedererwachen der Natur assoziiert wird. Perfekt für den Ausblick auf einen See eingerahmt mit grünen Ästen und Blätter und mit einer schönen Wasserspiegelung. Zeit um die Batterien wieder aufzuladen und einfach sich für den Moment zu entschleunigen.

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
(Diane Arbus)

Green is the color most associated with springtime, growth and nature. Perfect with the view on a lake framed with green leafes and with a nice water surface reflection. Time to recharge the battery and to take a deep breathe and to relax for a moment.


The camera sees more than the eye, do why don´t make use of it?

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting article about photography and visual culture. Here is to share a new monthly selection of handpicked articles, links and tweets.

“The camera sees more than the eye, do why don´t make use of it?”
(Edward Weston)

Night owls: portraits of life on the night bus
Beautiful Street Photography. In an ongoing project, Guardian photographer Sarah Lee immerses herself in the world of London’s buses, capturing candid portraits of people during their night-time journeys.

Travel 3,000 Miles Through China’s Wondrous Wild West
“It’s one of the longest train journeys in the world—2,910 miles (4,683 kilometers) across China. And when photographer Matthieu Paley was looking for ways to get his wife and two sons from Hong Kong to northwest China, it looked like the perfect option.” (National Geographic)

NORTH – An interactive and illustrated travelogue
This is so wonderful: Christoph Niemann travelled to a Norwegian archipel and made this illustrated travelogue for National Geographic.

Dazed and confused: Joseph Szabo’s portraits of adolescence
Joseph Szabo was a frustrated high-school teacher in need of inspiration – so he started photographing his students, and captured all the angst and excitement of being caught between childhood and adulthood.

Will London Fall? How Dare You! (New York Times)
Very good read. The city of London after the brexit. This is an excellent piece in storytelling with brilliant images.

Pull up to the bumper
From 1978 to 1981, David Freund photographed petrol stations in more than 40 US states – adding up to an everyman portrait of America.

Iggy Pop chats to Mary Anne Hobbs (30 minutes/BBC)
Mary Anne Hobbs speaks to music icon Iggy Pop, as part of his 70th Birthday celebrations. The punk pioneer, born James Newell Osterberg, speaks about love, loss and beauty, and his plans for the future.

New York City after the second world war
Todd Webb’s photographs of postwar New York depict the warmth and diversity of the city. He studied under Ansel Adams, and his beautiful black and white shots reflect that influence.

Diane Arbus: portraits in New York City parks
A new exhibition at Lévy Gorvy in New York focuses on early portraits by Diane Arbus shot in Central and Washington Square parks. The show traces her career from her beginnings as a portrait photographer to a shot of a young man and his girlfriend with hot dogs in the park from 1971, the year of her death.

Modern Blackout Curtains Turn Windows into Penthouse Views of a City at Night
When it comes to window blinds, our options for something that’s truly unique can seem limited. But as Ukrainian designers HoleRoll demonstrate, modern blinds for windows can transcend their practicality and double as spectacular shadow art for your home.

6 Photography Tips for Making Puddles Look Epic
I love puddle photography. Here are six tips for photographing puddles to create epic photos, whether you’re shooting with a DSLR, a point-and-shoot camera, or your smartphone.
For example: 1. Get low to the ground and try different angles.

6 Lessons I’ve Learned After Shooting All the Expensive Cameras
The well known Photographer Erick Kim about the lessons he learned after shooting all the expensive cameras out there.
First Lesson: If your photos aren’t good enough, your camera isn’t expensive enough

Bei ZEITOnline gibt es einen bemerkenswerten Artikel über Digitalfotografie und dazu einige philosophische Gedanken und Betrachtungen. Verschwindet die Digitalkamera und bleiben nur Mobilgeräte in einigen Jahren überig? Hier weiterlesen…Melancholie der Bilddatenbank

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Think up ideas for stories, go out and shoot them

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer

(Photo Credit: Unsplash/


A Love Supreme

Tulip Art
Nach den Spaziergängen entlang der Elbe und am Hafen, heute wieder ein Blick zurück zur Natur mit einer kunstvollen Tulpe. Vielleicht irritiert der Titel etwas. Wenn ich zum Beispiel Fotos bearbeite höre ich dabei Musik und gern Jazz. So auch bei diesem Foto, wo John Coltrane den musikalischen Hintergrund mit “A Love Surpreme” bildete. Ein Album mit unergründlicher Kraft und Spiritualität. Zusammen mit dem Foto wünsche ich allen ein schönes wie entspanntes Wochenende und für viele wird es auch ein langes Wochenende werden.

After the walks along the elbe river and around the port area today it is called back to nature with a more artistic tulip. You may wonder about the title. When I am editing images I often listen to music most Jazz. This time I listened to John Coltranes master piece “A Love Surpreme”. It is an album full with myterious energy and spirituality. Together with the image this is to wish you all a happy weekend.



Rainy Day Black And White
“A window covered with raindrops interests me more
than a photograph of a famous person.”
(Saul Leiter)

Passend zum aktuellen Wetter. Manche Motive in der Fotografie ergeben sich beiläufig. Es regnet und man schaut aus dem Fenster und das Interesse an den Regentropfen ist auf einmal groß.

Aus dem Archiv ein weiteres Foto mit einem Fundstück von unterwegs mit Regentropfen die Blätter bedecken.

Perfect with the actual weather. Some scenes in photography happened by accident. It is raining outside and you look on the window covered with raindrops and the scene is gettting really interesting. Here is to share a second image showing an on the way finding where raindrops cover leafs.


Feeling Of Spring

Cherry Blossom Tree
Darum mag ich den Frühling. Denn so richtig beginnt der Frühling mit der Kirschblüte und der kurzen wie schönen Blütephase. Nicht zu vergessen die Farben und das Licht. Man sollte sich von diesen besonderen Augenblicken im positiven anstecken lassen. Alle Aufnahmen sind in dieser Woche gemacht worden.

That´s why I love the spring season. Because spring begins really with the blooming cherry blossoms tree and the short but beautiful blossom period. Not to forget the colours and light. Finally we have to be light and joyful sometimes I think. I have taken all images within this week.
Cherry Blossom Tree Black And White
Sakura, sakura,

“Wie Nebel, wie Wolken.
Der Duft und die Farben,
gehen wir, gehen wir
Uns am Anblick erfreuen”.

“Is it mist, or clouds?
Fragrant in the air.
Come now, come now,
Let’s go and see them!”
Cherry Blossom Tree
“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”
(Henry Rollins)


The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting article about photography and visual culture. Here is to share a new selection of handpicked articles and links.

“The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer.”
(Gordon Parks)

Technique counts but to make a photo that touches your soul, empathy is the key.
Why Photos Should Be ‘So Much More Than Beautiful’ (National Geographic Story)
“Photographer Ami Vitale covers stories about culture, animals, and global issues with a thoughtful eye. Her work aims to engage viewer’s emotions while informing them about global issues. As part of our “Through the Lens” series, we spoke with Vitale to find out what makes her tick.”

Good and really workable tips”: 5 Things That Will Instantly Improve Your Photography
Tip number 1:  “Have Patience.”
“If you are not prepared to be patient, you’re not going to get many shots you like.”

Behind the photos – The Man on the Bed (Time)
This AFP photo from Aleppo is one of the most haunting, powerful images I’ve seen in a long time. A novel in one shot. A 70-year-old man smokes his pipe as he sits in his destroyed bedroom, listening to music, in Aleppo’s formerly rebel-held neighborhood of al-Shaar on March 9, 2017.

And read the story by the original photographer Joseph Eid: The music over the ruins of Aleppo (AFP)

Follow New York Street Photographer Daniel Arnold´s special look and his really creatively Streetphotography
Daniel Arnold’s Tongue-in-Cheek Take on New York Style (New York Times)

What a photo series. Photographies of giant Pipes in Germany. (Fubiz)
“Robert Götzfried grew up and lives today in southern Germany, surrounded by church, including Catholic churches. Buildings of which he appreciates the architecture and the calm that reigns inside. What intrigued him inside these places of worship are the giant pipes emerging from the organs. His Pipes series below demonstrates this.”

Backstage with “Lady” Billie Holiday. An intimate photo set taken in 1957. Two Years before she died.

How dogs get older: A fascinating and deeply touching photography project
Photographer Amanda Jones has dedicated the past 20 years to an incredible photography project which aims to show just how fleeting the lives of our beloved pets are.

A look back. New York Street Photography in the 70s and 80s
“The 1970s and 1980s were gritty, exciting times in New York City. Manhattan pulsed with energy, with different sides of the city revealing danger and opulence. As the city transformed into the New York we now know, those heady days seem a distant memory.”

How to Spot a Highly Evolved Photographer
Beautiful photo set with inspiring quotes. “Photographers are found in abundance. Exceptional ones, though are extremely rare. Even in the most respected organizations, few can captivate the viewer by evoking wonder, curiosity, and inspiration. Only a handful of highly evolved photographers can capture imagery with the potency and emotion that wins Pulitzers.”

30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1987
Take a step into a visual time capsule now, for a brief look at the year 1987 (41 photos).

Stunning photo selection of cloud images captured from around the world.
“Roll clouds and wave-like asperitas are among the additions to the new digital International Cloud Atlas, that dates back to the 19th century. It features hundreds of images captured by meteorologists and cloud lovers from around the world.”

Evocative abstract images mark Ray K Metzker out as one of the great masters of photography
Metzker was a modernist who experimented with formal techniques to create new ways of seeing. His evocative cityscapes mark him out as one of the great masters of American photography.

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Think up ideas for stories, go out and shoot them

You don’t take a photograph, you make it

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

(Photo Credit: Unsplash/


Down By The River

Down By The River
Spaziergänge an den Rändern des Tages fernab vom Lärm des Tages. Wie die Zeit vergeht. Das Zitat von Auden vor Augen. Beim Bearbeiten des Fotos lief zudem Louis Armstrong´s Bond-Song “We Have All Time In The World” im Radio. Eine gute Ergänzung.

“See without looking, hear without listening, breathe without asking”.
(W.H. Auden)

Evening walks far from the noises of the day. How time flies. The quote by Auden unfolded before my eyes. Editing the image and still listening to Louis Armstrong´s Bond-Song “We Have All Time In The World” in the radio. A perfect companion.

Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World (YouTube-Link)