The Eye Should Learn To Listen Before It Looks

"The eye should learn to listen before it looks." (Robert Frank) To explore and finding reflections are one of my favorite matter in photography. by the way you find reflections on windows and buildings, in the water and yes still in puddles. All what you need are your eyes and to find an interesting angle... Weiterlesen →



Spiegelungen gehören zu meinen Lieblingsmotiven in der Fotografie. Man findet sie in Fenster, an Gebäuden, im Wasser und auch in einer Pfütze. Die Spiegelung im ersten Foto entdeckte ich in einer Pfütze. Alles was es braucht ist einen interessanten Winkel zum Fotografieren zu finden. Man sollte stets die Augen offen halten nach dem Besonderen, Abstrakten... Weiterlesen →

Speicherstadt Reflection

Even on dreary and rainy days where the light is not perfect...the magic of a water reflection in all variants. We call it here lousy/crappy weather. Seen in the Hamburger Speicherstadt/Harbour City. One of my favourite scene in photography are reflections. You can play with the scene and you will get another view on known places. Selbst... Weiterlesen →

Colour Flow

There are these special moments on an ordinary day where the light is perfect and the nature colours are just so blue. Both images seen around the Alster Lake in Hamburg. Reflections are one of my favourite in photography. Because you can play with the scene and will get a complete other and sometimes an... Weiterlesen →

Green Gold

Finding without looking. Think and stop for a while and enjoy. The first photography shows a water reflection in shimmering green colors, where the water surface reflect the trees and branches around. The second image was taken on a pond in the evening. It is simply moss, a moss carpet on a pond. A moment... Weiterlesen →

A Calm Summer Day

The real summer season will still start on June 21. But the meteorological summer already started. Those almost calm summer days. The amazing light and a lovely water reflection, green and blue colors. Thinking on the song "Summertime" originally composed by George Gershwin. To make it short, let the photography do the talking. I always... Weiterlesen →

Cranes and Building Reflection

Reflection are one of my favorites in photography. Because of you can play with the scene, looking for the best angle or corner or to try out another perspectice. The image has not only a reflection on the facade. The reflection from the cranes and buildings continue in the lower centre, which was a special... Weiterlesen →


Sometimes life can be very hectic, especially when you missed a train and you have to wait for the next one. Otherwise a railway station can be an interesting place to look around. Here I tried to capture a window reflection and an incoming suburban train. As Robert Frost wrote: "In three words I can... Weiterlesen →

Abstract Blue

An abstract blue water reflection. Due to the blue light and the bare branches and twigs underwater, the image gets something special. I only can repeat that reflections are always exciting and more as a side view worth. Because you will get a complete other and abstract perspective to the scene. Eine abstrakte blaue Wasserspiegelung.... Weiterlesen →

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