Building In Building

A building in building reflection. Some of these special and random moments. So simple, so perfect. When colors meet architcture meet sky meet reflections... Some moments are just for the colors and light. Eine Gebäude im Gebäude Spiegelung. Einer dieser besonderen und seltenen Momente. So einfach, so perfekt. Wenn Farben auf Architektur treffen die auf... Weiterlesen →


Harbour Memory

Memories are made of this. A long easter walk along the river elbe, started in the harbour city district and finished at the jetties. It is one of my favourite photo showing the romantic side from a harbour city at a picturesque sunset. It is look a like a painting. I have taken the photo... Weiterlesen →


Often nature is imagination itself. One of my favourite topic in photography is to find the beauty in the ordinary. After a shower of sleet as the sunshine returns I saw the like crystals seen formation on a window. Fortunately I was on the right place on the right time to capture the abstract elements... Weiterlesen →

Goodbye March

Goodbye March. Today it was "Niklas" his special stormy day. A heavy storm front called "Niklas" came over to Germany. That meant for me: wet clothes, hot coffee, delayed trains because of fallen trees. I did not take the tree photography today. But as I listen to the stormy wind noise it remembered me of... Weiterlesen →

Bamboo Light

Again Bamboo and a second image from the bamboo wood resp. path covered with bamboo plants. The first image showed the bamboo a little abstract like a barcode. For the second image I tried to capture the verdant green color and the special light. By the way the noise of rustling bamboo is wonderful poetry.... Weiterlesen →

The Way You See

Against these grey and wet and sometimes cold winter days a little bit of color in the daily life. And together with one of my favorite and inspiring quote about photography. I like the line "the way you see". That´s among other things is photography, the art to express the way you see. "Photography is... Weiterlesen →

Morning Light

The beautiness of bare trees and branches captured in the morning light. Thank goodness bare trees are so beautiful models...what would we do in winter without them to shoot. Sometimes there are no extra words needed. “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” (Elliott Erwitt)... Weiterlesen →

That Lucky Old Sun

"Oh, show me that river, take me across, wash all my troubles away. Like that lucky old sun, gimme nothin' to do, But roll around heaven all day..." An ephemeral and beautiful moment and one of my favorite backlighting photography. I used the perfect blue sky as background in the early morning where the sun... Weiterlesen →

What It Was

Goodbye January. Because of the most grey and dump weather in January a quick look back, one year before. I captured the photography around a walk around the alster lake on a really frosty winter day with minus 13 degrees in January 2014. The winter what it was. And the good news are that days... Weiterlesen →

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