Walking on traces of history and a fragment. From a former town house remained only the portal in the area of the historic section of Hamburg. The portal is dated Anno Domini 1631 and has an epigrah: GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO/ Glory to God in the highest. The sandstone portal is meter high and placed... Weiterlesen →



When it is outside cold, colourless and with too much rain for this time of year, it is the right time for a colorful view for the weekend. By surprise I explored the beauty of a hydrangea/hortensia blossom with her interesting sapels. Despite the weather, have a splendid weekend, y’all. Wenn es draußen kalt und... Weiterlesen →

Abstract Tulip

Before the season of the tulips will be forgotten, just an abstract view back and a close-up image. Founding by accident, I could not resist to capture the true beauty. I have taken the image 2 weeks ago. For a better understanding, if you only see the first abstract image, I am sharing both images.... Weiterlesen →


May I introduce TRUDE, probably the biggest and hungriest lady here in Hamburg. TRUDE is the biggest tunnel-boring machine in the world. The Name TRUDE is an acronym for "Tief Runter Unter Die Elbe" (Deep down under the Elbe River). The 14.2m and 380t cutter wheel of the Elbe tunnel boring machine stands in the... Weiterlesen →

Soothing Silence

A sunny afternoon. Time of reflection, exploration and finding new inspirations in nature. There are precious moments of soothing silence. Ein angenehmer sonniger Nachmittag. Zeit für Besinnung, der Erkundung und finden von neuen Inspirationen in der Natur. Es gibt diese wertvollen Momente einer beruhigenden Stille.


Staircases can be often interesting places especially in old houses. And to look up in photography will bring another and maybe a new perspective and view. The photography was taken in an old and traditonal office building in the warehouse district. More information about the Warehouse District/Speicherstadt (Wikipedia Link) Treppenhäuser können oft interessante Plätze sein,... Weiterlesen →


The magic attraction and luminous power of a dandelion or blowball. Sometimes it snows in May. At this time of the year, who can resist taking a photo of a Dandelion. I would like to add a famous quote by the famous photographer and journalist Mary Ellen Mark. She died at the age of 75... Weiterlesen →


An on the way moment. A wonderful play of light and shadow with an interesting depth. The photography shows the Oberhafenbridge, which is a combined Train and Roadbridge construction and more then 100 years old. The city of Hamburg has at about 2.500 Bridges and is the city with the most bridges in Europe. → More... Weiterlesen →


The enchanting beauty of nature. Just one of the ephemeral moment taken on the way. Even when the light is not perfect, the nature is always worth to explore to find the extra in the ordinary. "Always be a poet, even in prose," wrote Charles Baudelaire and I would add...even in photography. Enjoy the moment.... Weiterlesen →

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