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Looking In From Outside

While browsing through the internet I regularly come across on very interesting articles, videos and images. Here is to share a new selection of handpicked articles in English/German.

Kodachrome memories of New York
Looking at Robert Herman’s photographs of New York in the 1980s is a little like watching a movie. Taken in an era of New York City that has become more beloved and romanticized the further we move away from it, Herman’s work has a cinematic quality that is hard to miss.

The Diane Arbus You’ve Never Seen
Wonderful photo set. The Diane Arbus Photos. She was often looking in from outside. The street was the pathway to the private world.

Solitude in the city: Rui Palha Street Photographers (Leica Camera Blog Interview)
Amazing Work. Rui Palha is a Lisbon based photographer. Voted by two separate websites in 2015 as one of the top street photographers in the world, Rui captures the sense of solitude and isolation we can all sometimes feel in a big city. You want more to see. Click on his Web-Site and on his Instagram-Account.

Taiwanese Typhoon Blues
„I focused on the ‘calm before the storm’ moments.“
So when the first typhoon in the season hit Taiwan three years ago, I decided to take the camera and check it out by myself. Since then I’ve experienced three typhoon seasons, photographed 10 typhoons and travelled thousands of kilometers along the east coast of Taiwan.

Scharf wie 140 Gigapixel
Was sich von frühen Fotografieren lernen lässt. Denkanstoß für visuelle Kultur. Es ist nicht die Kamera oder das Objektiv. Es ist und bleibt das Auge des Fotografen.

Zwischen Lizenzen und verschwundenen Metadaten: Der Basis-Werkzeugkasten für Bildersucher
Ein interessanter wie hilfreicher Artikel für alle Bildurheber, die ihre Arbeiten im Netz veröffentlichen. Denn man sollte von Zeit zu Zeit die Suchmaschinen bemühen um nachzuschauen wo z.B. die eigenen Fotos zu finden sind. In der Zwischenzeit gibt es viele Helfer mit denen man gezielt suchen kann.

Das Pep Guardiola Experiment
Eigentlich wollte ich selbst etwas schreiben. Doch dann kam der gute SpOn-Artikel der anhand von 4 Pressekonferenzen ein differenziertes Bild des zweifellos sehr guten wie wortkargen Neu-Trainer von Manchester City. Ein langer Artikel der sich lohnt.

Euro 2016 I
The complete guide to every team and player. Profiles of all 24 teams and 552 players, including tactics, caps, goals, hobbies, tattoos and much more.

Euro 2016 II
CONTENT-MARKETING FÜR DIE EURO 2016 – Uefa greift ins TV-Programm ein
Wer die Spiele zur EM 2016 übertragen möchte, muss auch vorproduzierte Inhalte der UEFA senden. Die Aufregung darüber hält sich in Grenzen, weil dieses System bereits fest etabliert ist. Beispielsweise werden 8 Beiträge bei ARD und ZDF laufen. Das Schweizer Fernsehen SRG muss jedoch 300 Minuten senden.
Zitat aus dem Artikel: „Letztlich lassen sich die Sender erpressen von der Uefa, die ihr begehrtes Produkt Euro 2016 als Einfallstor nutzt für die Platzierung von Content Marketing.“

„Thinking about what might have happened, what could have happened, is a necessary element in trying to understand what did happen.“
(Fritz Stern)


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Virtual Tours and Best Shots

inktips and reading recommendations about Salvador Dalí, Hieronymus Bosch, Iris Apfel, a Trumpiest debate with Donald Trump, the amazing photographer Hengki Koentjoro and more.

Iris Apfel: „You Can´t Learn Style
„I think most people don’t know who they really are. They feel secure if they look like other people or if it’s the look that everybody says is in…“
And watch the 2014 documentary „Iris“. By the way „The Talks“ has a really interesting collection of short interviews. Among other things interviews with Al Pacino, Robert Harris, Anton Corbijn, Catherine Deneuve…

The SMK (Statens Museum of Kunst/Denmark)
SMK is releasing more and more digitised artworks into the Public Domain. At the turn of the year, our collections have become available on even more channels – for instance on Europeana, the single access point to Europe’s cultural heritage.
”Cultural heritage belongs to us all. We are steadily working to digitise our large collections, so that everyone can sample, remix, and build on our common cultural heritage.” – Mikkel Bogh, Director of SMK.

Since 2012, we have released approximately 25,000 digitised artworks – 8,000 of them in high resolution – and placed them in the Public Domain.

Hengki Koentjoro is an accomplished photographer, specialising in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.
He belongs to my favourite photographer. Have a look on his gallery.
„Photography can never be separated from the aspects of making the common things unusual, welcoming the unexpected, indulging and embracing ourselves with the joy of photography“(Hengki Koentjoro, 2013)

My best shot (Guardian)
The Guardian collects every week from photographers their best shots. If you are looking for inspiration and distraction. Follow the link.

Oculus Rift Takes You Inside the Wild Mind of Salvador Dalí (Wired Magazine)

The last post came from photographer Larry Fink „a drumbeat transcends a jazz gig„.
„Good photography is like a song, a song you can see. It could be a face, an eye, a chair. You wriggle around, in space, until that object says something about our reality, until a series of objects seen together gain a certain melody.“ (Larry Fink)

Take a Virtual Tour of Hieronymus Bosch’s Bewildering Masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights
„Art historians have argued about the meaning of The Garden of Earthly Delights—Hieronymus Bosch’s enormously sized, lavishly detailed, and compellingly grotesque late 14th- or early 15th-century triptych—more or less since the painter’s death.

Spend some time roaming Bosch’s vision’s paradise, bacchanal, and damnation and, whether you take the guided tour through them or not, you’ll find much to stare at in sheer fascination — and, as often as not, disbelief.“

Bei ZEITOnline gibt es zur Werkschau von „Hieronymus Flash“ einen Artikel in Deutsch.

This is really a good piece on TV. And this is maybe the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time…so far held by Stephen Colbert 2 weeks ago.

(All previous Bookmark Selections → you will find here)

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Stardust Memories

It has been a sad week. Nevertheless I tried to select some Linktips and reading recommendations among other things with Lemmy Kilmister/Motörhead (not) drinking milk, David Bowie Articles and Photos, the New York Public Library and many more.

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is posthumously starring in an ad promoting milk filmed less than a month before he died. Kilmister filmed campaign for Finnish dairy giant Valio less than a month before he died and ad agency turned it into a tribute. (via Guardian/SpOn)

These are by the way good news. New York Public Library does the public domain right (bOingbOing-Link)
„The New York Public Library is aggressively digitizing the public domain works in its collections, adding high-quality machine-readable metadata to each of the hundreds of thousands of assets, providing an API, offering residencies to remixers who do interesting things with the collection, and offering all those assets in high-rez with „No permission required. No restrictions on use.“


Did you know that more than 180,000 of the items in the Digital Collections are in the public domain? Follow the link and explore: Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

Turn and Face the Strange
The amazing Photographer Patti Kuche at Nylon Daze photographed some „scenes from outside David Bowie’s apartment in New York where many gathered to pay tribute to the groundbreaking legend who inspired and motivated so many. Not to become rock stars but simply to be themselves and yesterday those were the words on the street where he lived“.

Dave Pell from collected some good links to David Bowie. If you really want to subscribe just one newsletter then you need to subscribe at NextDraft.

In the NYT obituary, Jon Pareles writes: „Mr. Bowie wrote songs, above all, about being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, a sexual adventurer, a faraway astronaut.“ Maybe that’s why there is such an outpouring of emotion at the news of David Bowie’s death at the age of 69. Everyone feels like an outsider and Bowie made being an outsider feel more like being ahead of the curve. Today, there are people who are famous for nothing. David Bowie was famous for everything.

From Buzzfeed, here are 17 performances by Bowie, and a life in pictures.

Bowie was also early to the Internet. Quartz calls him a tech visionary, and there’s this from a 1999 Rolling Stone article: „David Bowie has pulled another cyber-coup by becoming the first major-label artist to sell a complete album online in download form.“

BBC: 69 facts about David Bowie.

Forgotten Housing Estates In Paris Captured By Laurent Kronental (Ignant-Link)
„For the ongoing series ‘Souvenir d’un futur‘, French photographer Laurent Kronental documents life at the ‘Grands Ensembles’, the large housing projects in Paris, since four years.“

Now I am feeling old. 30 Alternative albums that Turn 30 Years Old in 2016

The winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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Sound Architecture and How To Go Viral

Linktips and reading recommendations about a Portrait Session with an inspiring twist, how to het viral in the internet, Architecture, Alfred Stieglitz, Sound Architecture and all the great photographers lost in 2016.

A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it. (YouTube-Link)

6 Pro-Photographers, 1 Man, 6 Perspectives and a Portrait Session with a twist

Canon Australia told the photographers that the „model“ is a: Self Made Millionaire, Life Saver, Ex Inmate, Professional Fisherman, Psychic and a Former Alcoholic. That´s the simple story behind, what the photographs only knews. The interesting aspect is that 6 Photographers creating 6 completely different portraits.

Dear Architects: Sound Matters
The NewYork Times created an interesting and really well made documentation about Sound Architecture in cities. If you scroll over the images you can stop and hear the sound and you can click and hold the image and compare sounds.
„Sound and form go together. We presume it’s a truism that a large, airy space provides us with more aural room than a small one. But imagine yourself having a private conversation in a crowded elevator where a half-dozen other people are talking as well. Now picture yourself having that same conversation with only a single other person in the elevator.“

Perfect with article from the NewYork Times: The Symmetry of Architecture (Flickr-Blog)
Because the symmetry and beauty of architecture is all around us.

Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946) and American Photography
Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1864, and schooled as an engineer in Germany, Stieglitz returned to New York in 1890 determined to prove that photography was a medium as capable of artistic expression as painting or sculpture..

In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2015
TIME LightBox pauses to remember the great photographers lost in 2015.

How I made the Manchester New Year’s Eve photo go viral
One may say the Internet has already the photo of the year. It’s already been billed as the image of 2016 in some quarters. It’s been called art and hailed for its beautiful composition. Others have singled out how it depicts 21st century Britain. And the photograph tried to find an answer on the question: So what happens when you unexpectedly go viral?

(Und dazu die Süddeutsche Zeitung über Malerisches Delirium (SZ-Link)

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Schnell, schnell, schnell

Linktips and reading recommendations about Photography, Future Cities, Glenn Greenwald, tricks and tips to help you to stay anonymous online, the Apollo Archive, Roger Willemsen, Jürgen Klopp, Streetphotography und das Layout vom Tagesspiegel (English/German).
October, 09, 2015

L.A., Shanghai, Medellin, Eindhoven, Mekka, Nairobi, S.F., Dubai

»In this year’s design issue, we’re telling the stories of some of those projects, from the detail of a new streetlight to a sacred city in flux, from masterful museums to infrastructure made for bikes (and the algorithms that run it all). The cities of tomorrow might still self-assemble haltingly, but done right, the process won’t be accidental. A city shouldn’t just happen anymore. Every block, every building, every brick represents innumerable decisions. Decide well, and cities are magic.

21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online
A helpful selection from the Guardian. Avoiding being tracked online is nearly impossible, but here are a few ways to reduce the risk. Block and Manage Trackers, destroy cookies, use alternative search engines…

When a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer is Asked for Free Photos…

»Want to see how a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer responds to a request for free images in exchange for “credit” from a major news corporation? You can, because that exchange happened a few days ago.

Yale launches an archive of 170,000 Depression-era photos
Yale has made 170,000 Library of Congress photos of the US from 1935 to 1945 available online, searchable and sortable in many different ways.

»In order to build support for and justify government programs, the Historical Section set out to document America, often at her most vulnerable, and the successful administration of relief service. The Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) produced some of the most iconic images of the Great Depression and World War II and included photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, and Arthur Rothstein who shaped the visual culture of the era both in its moment and in American memory. Unit photographers were sent across the country. The negatives were sent to Washington, DC. The growing collection came to be known as „The File.“ With the United State’s entry into WWII, the unit moved into the Office of War Information and the collection became known as the FSA-OWI File.

The Radically Changing Story of the U.S. Airstrike on Afghan Hospital: From Mistake to Justification

»As a result of all of this, there is now a radical shift in the story being told about this strike. No longer is it being depicted as some terrible accident of a wayward bomb. Instead, the predominant narrative from U.S. sources and their Afghan allies is that this attack was justified because the Taliban were using it as a “base.” by Glenn Greenwald


Exploring the Apollo Archive
The Project Apollo Archive is an independent effort to acquire and display the full collection of photos from the Apollo missions. Thousands of high-resolution raw images were recently compiled.

Hier geht es um eine Rede von Roger Willemsen am Dresdner Staatsschauspiel sehr. Er spricht über Engagement und Kultur. Im Originalbeitrag bei stepanini gibt es die Links zur Rede, zum nach nachlesen- und hören.

»„Das ist die Großherzigkeit von Leserinnen und Lesern, von Menschen, die in Museen gehen, von Menschen, die sich in ein Theater setzen, um eine Opern- oder Theaterinszenierung anzusehen.

Es ist die Bereitschaft, sich für etwas durchlässig zu machen, das aus der Fremde bzw. Ferne kommt, das Ihnen zum Teil vertraut und verständlich, zum Teil unvertraut und unverständlich ist. Sie alle zeigen eine Bereitschaft dafür, sich selbst als jene gemischten Individuen zu zeigen, die unter Umständen hier gefordert, überfordert oder unterfordert werden, die ein ganzes Paket an verschiedenen Emotionen aufbringen müssen. Darin zeigt sich etwas, das am Anfang aller Formen der Generosität, aller Formen des Engagements steht: Es ist nicht wichtig, dass Sie in erster Hinsicht Initiativen materiell unterstützen. Als Erstes ist es wichtig, dass Sie die Bereitschaft mit sich bringen, von der Fremde überhaupt Kenntnis zu nehmen, das heißt wahrzunehmen, was außerhalb von Ihnen selbst ist“.

„Wir bitten, die geschmacklose Verbindung von Bild und Text zu entschuldigen“
Zum verunglückten Layout des Tagesspiegels in dieser Woche soviel. Jedes Satiremagazin hätte es nicht besser machen können. Denn eigentlich kann niemand so blind sein, die Vermengung von dem Titelbild und dem darunter stehenden Artikel über die Flüchtlingskrise nicht bemerken.

Streetpotography -Es geht auch darum, unsere Geschichte zu schreiben
Viele glauben, man müsse einfach auf der Strasse fotografieren und fertig ist die Streetphotography. Das dahinter mehr steckt, ist in diesem lesenswerten Interview mit dem Hamburger Fotografen Hinrich Schultze nachzulesen.

»Frage: Wenn Sie mit drei Adjektiven Ihre Street Photography charakterisieren müssten, welche wären das?

Antwort: Schnell, schnell, schnell. Die schönen Augenblicke sind schneller als der Wind.

Jürgen Klopp’s best quotes: from heavy metal to hair transplants
After agreeing to become Liverpool’s new manager, we look at Jürgen Klopp’s most memorable quotes.
Good Luck! You´ll Never Walk Alone (YouTube-Link)

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Linktips Roundup

That´s why I love social media… (The New Yorker Cartoon)

Oliver Jeffers’ Dipped Paintings
The portraits in Oliver Jeffers’s Dipped Paintings series exist as wholes only in the memories of those who’ve witnessed their submersion. Last night, after gathering at a rendez-vous point and walking to an undisclosed location, small groups descended into a Manhattan basement and watched as Jeffers lowered portraits into vats filled with vibrant, opaque paint. More on his Website and on Instagram.

Fly Through A Colossal Cave: Son Doong in 360° (National Geographic)
This is simply stunning: explore the world’s largest known cave, the Son Doong in Vietnam.

An Interactive Mirror Built from 450 Rotating Penguins
The Penguins Mirror is an interactive mirror constructed with 450 stuffed penguins atop rotating motors. If you think the idea sounds ludicrous, it is. Ludicrously amazing.

Mary Ellen Mark
Heike Rost about Mary Ellen Mark, photojournalist, documentary photographer, humanist. Female pioneer in storytelling with a great collection of links.

Cover Story: A Rose
Christoph Niemann’s illustrations have appeared in The New Yorker since 1998.

John Oliver’s excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.

FIFA-A League of His Own (Bloomberg Business)
How Sepp Blatter controls soccer. If you have not enough time to read, ignore the text and see the amazing images.

Vom Falschen im Echten (3sat Mediathek)
Wenn Satire den Journalisten ersetzt: Früher war alles einfach: Journalisten erklärten einem die Welt. Heute ist das anders. Die „echten“ Nachrichten haben an Stellenwert verloren. Und was tritt an ihre Stelle? Die Satire. Passend dazu: Interview mit den Anstalt“-Machern, Max Uthoff und Claus von Wagner: Was, wenn der Satiriker den Journalisten ersetzt?

Was kostet ein Blogger?
Stundensatz: ab 60 Euro
Tagessatz: ab 350 Euro
exklusiv erstellter Artikel: ab 150 Euro
immer zzgl. Reisekosten
Ein sehr lesenswerter Artikel über Blogger-Honorare mit vielen Tipps für die Planung.

Zentrale Orte – Die Stadt und Wir
Drei Viertel aller Deutschen leben in Städten. Doch regelmäßig geschrieben wird über das Leben auf dem Land: Landleben, Landlust, Landidee, die Zeitschriftenregale sind voll davon. Dabei sind es die Themen der Stadt, die die meisten von uns betreffen.
Zentrale Orte ist ein Projekt von Juliane Wiedemeier und bringt endlich die beiden Themen zusammen, die sie mal studiert hat: Publizistik und Geographie.

Die Produktion von Angst
Constantin Seibt über die kleine empörte Geschichte und wie immer sehr lesenswert.

USA, 20.56 Uhr (Rammstein On Tour)
Da nun das Solodebut von Rammstein-Sänger Till Lindemann erscheinen wird, ein Blick zurück. Dies ist vielleicht das beste Portrait über Rammstein. Das SZ-Magazin begleitete die Band durch die Tage und Nächte in Kanada und den Vereinigten Staaten. Eine Reise die Narben hinterlassen hat.

Erik Spiekermann – Typograph & Graphikdesigner, Wohnung & Studio, Berlin
Ein schönes Portrait mit sehr viele Fotografien. Erik Spiekermann ist allgegenwärtig – in der Welt der Typographie wie im Graphikbereich überhaupt, aber auch den ganz normalen Berlinern dürfte er geläufig sein, zumindest was seine visuelle und konzeptionelle Arbeit betrifft. (English Version from the Article: Erik Spiekermann)

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Sunset Abstracts

Silhouettes III (K)
Three images I have taken, not long ago, in October. Small details with its space and contrast and with a great effect. The amazing sky was my canvas for the silhouettes to get a great contrast. All images I have taken on different days in the harbor area. Every moment can be a golden one for him, who recognize the beauty in the ordinary. To complete, the photo set will continue with a second part.


Drei Bilder die ich vor kurzem im Oktober aufgenommen habe. Kleine Details mit ihren Zwischenräumen und Kontrasten und mit einem großen Effekt. Der wunderschöne Himmel war meine Leinwand für die Schatten und Silhouetten um den größt möglichen Kontrast einzufangen. Alle Bilder habe ich an verschiedenen Tagen im Hafenbereich aufgenommen. Jeder Moment kann ein besonderer sein für die, die das schöne im Normalen erkennen. Abschließend gibt es noch einen zweiten Teil mit weiteren schattigen chillenden Bildern.

Silhouettes II (K)