Place In The World

This week photo challenge calls for what it means "to find your place in the world." And "where do you go when you need to feel inspired or cheered up?" So Neil Young onced said "home is where your heart is." I would add my place is where my heart and my family is. My... Weiterlesen →


Favorite Place

This week photo challenge calls for a favorite place, a viewpoint and finally a place that brings you joy. Living in a harbor city the answer is simple: the river elbe. It is Hamburg’s main waterway, the Elbe river connects the city to the North Sea. The best you can also enjoy the 23 kilometres... Weiterlesen →


What do you love about where you live? Show us! This is the actual Weekly Photo Challenge "Tour Guide" and my contribution which is maybe a bit different. I am not a tour guide or city photographer. My passion for photography is to capture the extra in the ordinary which means special moods, forms, colours... Weiterlesen →

Ascend in Architecture

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." (Winston S. Churchill) Share your upwards moments is the actual Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend. It is a good chance to share a post of architecture photography meeting the theme I think. The first image shows an Office Building and a wonderful sky. What an inspiring upward moment.... Weiterlesen →

The Temporary Glory Of Fall Colors

This is my entry for this week´s Weekly Photo Challenge "Temporary". Autumn/Fall season is my favourite season. Because of the unique light and special mood. Not to forget that the Fall period is the year last and loveliest smile, as someone correct said. And it is a perfect moment to listen to the chanson "Les... Weiterlesen →


This is my entry for this week´s Weekly Photo Challenge "Glow" which is one of my favourite theme and perfect with some Golden Hour Photography. And for a small glow gallery, sailing into sunset, the harbour athmosphere and nature and landscape photography, I invite you to use the WordPress Viewer. With one click on each... Weiterlesen →

Weekly Photo Challenge Satisfaction

This is my entry for this week´s Weekly Photo Challenge "Satisfaction" which is an interesting theme. The first image I had in my mind was the hydrangea blossom captured in black and white. Love the beauty of the hydrangea/hortensia blossom with her really interesting sapels. "Satisfaction" ist das aktuelle Foto-Wochenthema der "Weekly Photo Challenge", was... Weiterlesen →

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